Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas from Bill Cunningham

I am absolutely thrilled and happy to have Jean and Valerie, the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, wearing my helmet-collage hats about town. This past week they crossed paths with the inimitable Bill Cunningham, and what to his wondering eyes should appear, but Jean and Val in my eccentric head gear. According to Jean and Valerie, Bill nearly fell off his bike when he spotted the Fashionistas. He snapped away, and the results are front and center in Bill's On the Street column in the Sunday, December 23, 2012 Style Section of The New York Times.
Jean and Valerie are the perfect models for my hats
because they have such energy, verve and stylish elan. 
These ladies are total New York originals.
There's a video too, where Bill says this about my hats:
"...two women in the most delightful helmet-shaped velour hats with applique patches that are right off the canvases of Sonia Delaunay, the 1920s French painter." 
You can see the video here and Jean and Valerie appear at 2.29. 

Here's the whole spread. 

  Please also take a look at Jean and Valerie's blog
The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

A Vintage Tea Party
Last week Richard and I hosted a vintage tea party. Guests were Robin Lung, who was in New York from Hawaii doing work for her documentary, Finding Kukan, Robin's new FB friend and Kukan supporter, Sammy Davis and Clarissa Tartar. Take a look at the Finding Kukan teaser here.
Robin and I make the "K" for Kukan sign.
I am wearing a Tucker blouse and pant, and Robin is wearing a
Nina Ricci jacket that she bought in a Passaic,
New Jersey thrift store for $4.

Fashion expert and vintage blogger, Sammy Davis,
 in the fabulous cape that she wore to the party.
See Sammy's blog here.
Robin and Clarissa.
 Clarissa is wearing a coat exactly like
the one worn by Ellen Burstyn in the 1973 film,
The Exorcist.

Part of the afternoon's entertainment was Richard showing Sammy
his shirt collection.
 At least he wasn't showing her his etchings.

À Bientôt mes amis.


  1. Carol, this is so exciting! Your hats are exquisite pieces of art and I'm not surprised that Jean and Valerie caught Bill Cunningham's eye. Congratulations!!!

  2. Thanks, Judith.
    Too bad you were not with Jean and Val in your helmet!
    Happy New Year.