Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Fancy Dinner in Nice

Hotel Negresco
The Opulent 100-year-old Dowager of Nice
While we were in Nice in September, we treated ourselves to a fancy dinner at the 2-star restaurant, Le Chantecler, in the Hotel Negresco.
Celebrating it's 100-year anniversary, Le Negresco is positioned on La Promenade des Anglais facing the Baie des Anges. It's doormen dress in 18th century costumes.
Le Negresco's lobby is elegant and adorned with 
elaborate lighting sconces and oil paintings of dignitaries.

 A Royal Richard
The Baccarat chandelier with 16,309 crystals in the Royal Lounge.
 A aueen of some sort.
The people of Nice seem to go for these 
chunky ladies in bathing attire.
This is a sculpture by Niki St. Phalle.
 A seating area with an art deco rug.
La Fête à Venise.
A seating area in an art-deco style.
Because it was the 100th anniversary of the hotel, 
these somewhat bedraggled mannequins wearing
serving costumes from the archives, were on display. 
 Saucy girl, at least her shoe is on straight.

 Naturally, we had to pose with the mannequins.

 Some jesters.

Famous guests.
Pink Champagne and Roosters
We had a special dinner at Le Negresco's fancy restaurant.
 A Chantecler is a rooster.
The room is terribly pretty with cherry-pink velvet chairs.
We were offered champagne on arrival.

 Examples of Le Chantecler abound.
A bit of modern art sur la table.
Le chef sent out l'amuse bouche.
Precious little petit fours of tomato jelly with creme fraiche, 
crab salad in a spoon, and little squares topped with gold leaf.
 Le sommelier presents our wine.
Notice that Richard has removed his tie after noting
 other men wearing polo shirts in the dining room
Le beau beurre.
 Le pain.

 Appetizer: les tomates burratas
Although it looks like dessert, it's a appetizer.
Les cannellonis avec caviar and more gold leaf.
 It took two servers to serve our main course.

Le filet de St Pierre Roti

 A dessert: Souffle citrons with fraises des bois.
 Le fraîcheur abricot.
Les bon bons. 
A Drink at Le Bar
One evening we ducked into Le Bar at Le Negresco for an apéritif.
The charming barman serving our drinks.
I had a Negroni which was scrumptious.
It's gin, sweet red vermouth and Campari.

 The woodwork at Le Bar dates from 1913.
 Carmen, the mascot of Le Negresco.

Have a cocktail on us. 
Happy New Year from Carol and Richard!

À Bientôt!


  1. What a pleasant feast for the eyes! The two of you posing with the mannequins made me smile and so glad you were able to keep your shoe on straight too.

    1. Thanks Joni. I was snacking all morning while posting.

  2. Cheers! A festive review of photos, which is the perfect antidote to a cold and grey day in Denver.