Thursday, January 12, 2017


A Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I am 73. Thanks to some wonderful people -- friends and family, I had a great day.

A delivery man arrived bearing sweet flowers from The Flower Girl, sent by my sister, Jeanne, and her husband, Chris.

My sister, Susan, sent her good wishes. Susan is in Florida where she resides in the winter. We are all grateful that she is recovering from a life-threatening medical incident that she suffered recently.
At The Odeon, celebrating my birthday.
I am wearing my new two-tone beads
which I call Le Boom-Boom.

I planned a dinner at The Odeon, one of my favorite restaurants in New York. I invited my nephew, Jack, who is a student in the film program at NYU, to come along. Jack brought a friend, Jo. She is a student in Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design.

Jeanne and Chris sent these flowers.
They are on a shelf with a hat I designed
to wear to a Fashionista New Year's Brunch.

Before leaving for dinner, I found a small package at my door. It was a beautiful resin bracelet from Arts and Artisans in Chicago. It was sent by my stepdaughter, Dianna, and her husband, Michael.
Resin bracelet by Madame Piedran of
Normandy, France.

I got some nice birthday cards. My cousin, Barbara, whose birthday is two days before mine, always sends me one. I owe her a belated card. It's so fun to get cards. When I was young, I used to get a birthday card every year from my Aunt Margaret with a dollar "for a Coke".
Card from old friends, Dyan and Michael.

The manager at The Odeon is named Roya. She is tall and elegant and always dresses in vintage outfits. Last night she was wearing a wonderful dress. She purchased it in Arizona while there for a friend's wedding. "I went shopping for vintage the morning of the wedding," she said. A girl after my own heart. The dress was originally from Iceland!
Roya in her Icelandic dress.

I had never met Jo, Jack's girlfriend. She has a cute haircut and a beautiful smile. She was wearing a light-colored coat adorned with a collection of pins on the shoulder. She had on a black beret and wore large-rimmed glasses. I liked her right away. Jo gave me a book she had made of her etchings.
Jo. I think she had the pasta.
Jo's etching.
Jack is a serious guy. He is serious about his art. Jack was wearing a red and black checked shirt buttoned up at the collar. I like that look. Jack gave me a painting that he had done. He always has so many things on his mind.  Painting, animation, film and video games to name a few. It is challenging to an artist to have so many facets to their creativity. I am in the same boat.
Jack at The Odeon.
The painting that Jack made for me.

Chris came along too. We had some good conversations. I told him how I make my beads and swore him to secrecy. I am pretty sure he will not try to manufacture them and become my competitor. Jeanne could not come because she had her book group.

Richard had a good time. He had a dozen oysters, duck confit and duck breast with pear all washed down with Cote du Rhone.
Richard in a favorite shirt 
purchased in Nice, France.

We finished the evening with deserts. I had the famous Odeon chocolate pudding with a dollop of whipped cream. Someone had overheard it was my birthday, (Roya) and my dish arrived with a candle. Everyone sang happy birthday.  At the next table, a tow-headed boy of nine was also celebrating his birthday. We exchanged birthday greetings. He was born in 2008, 64 years after me.

À Bientôt!