Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shoe Biz

The Ballet Flat That Fits
A ballet flat can never be a ten. (Wink, wink, get it?)

Recently I purchased the most dreamy ballet flats. I bought the shoes in three colors: black, ultramarine blue and poppy red. They are from a company called Margaux, and they are custom-made to fit my feet, bunions and all.

When I worked in business, I wore only black flats of the Armani brand. These I usually paired with black tights. Very bohemian, Greenwich Village in a corporate world. Really, I had to have flats because I was running around all day -- to the print shop, to meetings and up and down the staircase so I didn't have to wait for an elevator. Besides, I view a shoe with heels as an instrument of torture.
Classic Margaux suede flats
displayed in their West 20th Street showroom.
The color palette will augment
any wardrobe.
 You can order this darling fit kit
from Margaux to measure
your own feet, in case you happen to
live far from New York City,
in a red state, for instance.
The contents of the fit kit.
 Margaux was founded in 2015.
Left: Alexa Buckley, a co-founder,
 right: Gavriella Wolf, production manager.
If you go to the showroom,
Augusta Winthrop will fit you for
your new flats.
Margaux wants to redefine how shoes
 are sized and sold.
Pointy Toes.
The shoes are hand-crafted in family-owned
factories in Spain and New York.
A custom shoe with a satin bow
made for a designer's runway show.
Careful thought and design expertise has gone 
into the packaging and presentation of the shoes.
The shipping box.
The shoe box.
 Each pair comes with a
soft, felt bag.
I use these when I travel.
 My poppy red ballet flats
nestled in their tissue bed.
 The poppy reds and ultramarines.
My new Margaux flats in my
shoe closet.
I put the little red and blue
pieces of felt on the tabs for
quick identification of the shoe color.

À Bientôt!