Sunday, June 3, 2018

Wednesdays with Carol, May 23, 2018

Soho Wander:
What a Difference a Dress Makes

It was the Wednesday before last that I took a meandering wander over to Soho. I often set out on my flaneuring not knowing where I am going. I am kind of listless. It takes a few blocks to build up some steam. Anyway, I walked west on Broome Street because when you get to Broadway you will run into Muji, the Japanese store. My wardrobe has become a bit "Mujified". Recently I purchased Muji French-linen wide-legged pants in navy blue which I have been wearing as a go-to summer piece. If you see someone dressed in billowing, drab-colored linen from head to toe, you are seeing a Muji person.

Eclipsing Broadway, I continued on to Thompson Street. There I encountered Meg Cohen's store. I own a beautiful Meg Cohen scarf in deep purple. She was having a sale of her cotton shirts and dresses. Since they were quite reasonable, I tried on her "Twenties" dress. Neither the fit nor the colors were right for me, despite me being a "Twenties" girl (the era not the age), so I moved on to her shirts. With these, I found two that I loved. One in a muted gray and black tiny print and the other ink black, both in softest cotton.

This is the dress that I finally did purchase from Archerie.
I spied it in the window, but the shop was closed.
I continued north on Thompson Street to Linda Pagan's The Hat Shop.
Linda was wearing a different Archerie dress, which I loved.
Oh dear, Archerie was tardy opening their door.
I decided to have my favorite spaghetti dish at Altesi on Spring Street.
Yes! Archerie was finally open. 
I tried this dress on. It's called The Peony Print Dress.
It was a splurge for me, but I loved it.
That weekend I wore the dress to a lunch engagement
in Norwalk, Connecticut with my Elmira College friends.
 After lunch, our host took us on a tour of the area.
Here I am on a bridge leading from the shore
to a dock from which you can take a boat
to Sprite Island.
My red-suede shoes are custom made by Margaux.

Thank you to Dolores Barclay for taking these photos.

Thank you, Archerie. I love my dress.

You can find them here.

A Bientot!