Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Party Circuit

April Party Circuit
Part One
Who made April party month? O my goodness. A convergence of events and people visiting New York City created an overwhelming need to celebrate.

The festivities began last Saturday at the Washington Heights apartment of artist, writer and walking-art woman, Sue Kreitzman. I will use the adjective fabulous only once, and that will be to describe Sue, who dresses in glorious hand-painted gowns and eye-riveting pieces of body adornment.
Sue on left with Valerie of  The
Idiosyncratic Fashionistas.
Every inch of Sue's apartment is
covered with color and art.
Sue lives part of the year in London
where she met artist Diane Goldie who custom paints
and creates many of Sue's robes.
Diane was visiting New York and was the
guest of honor at Sue's party.
To describe Diane, I will use the adjective spectacular.
Diane's painting of Frida Kahlo as Medusa
on the back of her dress.
Photo by Denton Taylor
 Carol hamming it up in vintage bell bottoms.
Photo by Denton Taylor.
 Souleiado beret purchased in Avignon, France
 and silk-scarf blouse by Madame Matovu.
Yellow and blue beads of my own design.
Photo by Denton Taylor.
 Sue's parties are art parties.
We have show and tell.
Sue holds a work embroidered by
Concepcion, on the left.
Photo by Denton Taylor.
 In the milieu of Sue's art-filled apartment are
Jean (left) of The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas
and Ruthie Darling.
Photo by Denton Taylor.
 Outside Sue's home in Castle Village are
Nita Angeletti, Teresa Taylor, Dayle of Artfulcitystyle and 
jewelry designer, Diana Gabriel.
Photo by Denton Taylor
 Richard and I show our work.
Photo by Denton Taylor
 Sue and artists Anothai Hansen and Shelita Birchett Benash
Anothai makes many of Sue's necklaces.
Photo by Denton Taylor
 Show and tell in a sunny corner.
Teresa Taylor and outsider artist, Malcah Zeldis.
Artist Nita Angeletti with one of her
puppet creations. She is wearing
a necklace and hair ornament of her own design.
A study in pattern and color.
Sue's Russian constructivist plate
and my Issey Miyake sock.

À Bientôt!