Monday, September 23, 2013

Stay within the Lines!

Man Your Crayolas
because ...
The Advanced Style
Coloring Book is in
Bookstores Near You
An offshoot of the tremendously popular book and blog, Advanced Style, by Ari Seth Cohen, the Advanced Style Coloring Book is now available.
Joyce Carpati is the star of the cover.

The Coloring Book is a collaboration between Ari Seth Cohen, a freelance writer, photographer and blogger based in New York and Ilan Schraer, an artist from Portland, Oregon. Richard and I are thrilled to be included in the book.

Richard and Carol,
colored by Carol.
P.S. I used markers.
This is Judith Boyd -- The Style Crone.
See her blog here.
Debra Rapoport, who makes fabulous things and 
Lynn Dell, who lives for the theater of her life.
 Ilona Royce Smithkin, artist and chanteuse. 
Ilona is also famous for her orange eyelashes,
 which she makes herself.
 Ari and Ilan.
Ilona as a paper doll. I know she's a doll and a cut-up,
 and now she is a cut-out.

Man your crayolas, people!
You can order The Coloring Book

And you may view Ari's blog,
 Advanced Style,

A Bientôt!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

hei (hello)

Yhden miehen tyyli
(One man's style)
Speak Finnish?
Richard and I were stopped (but not frisked) on the streets of Soho last summer by Elina Simonen who was working on a shoot for the Finnish magazine, Anna.

I recently received an email from Elina with the link to the story. Here is the copy, with translation from the Finnish by Google Translator and edited by me.

Peeps of New York

Walt Whitman said, "Give me such shows - give me the streets of Manhattan!"

The scene has changed since Whitman's time, but the basic idea has not.

On the streets of Manhattan, it's a constant show. Elina's new pictures from New York bring a welcome dimension to the YMT to the couple.

"Wonderful people! The gentleman in the first picture hits a home run with the matching violet tones of his shirt and the tote. Psychedelic prints vs. flower pattern, who won? Everyone. When the personal styles of a couple compliment one another in the manner shown by these street style superstars, we are talking about the essence of style."

This last paragraph was translated for us by Jani of Yhden miehen tyyli. Thanks, Jani!
New York. If you can wear it there, you can wear it anywhere.

Peeps of New York, Carol and Richard

Thanks to Elina Simonen for the picture and link.

See the full piece here

À Bientôt!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Three Scenes from a Summer

As entertaining goes on the North Fork of Long Island, this soirée was pretty swell. Not your neighborhood potluck. A "Bollywood" themed party in Orient, under a tent, amply sprinkled with glitterati, was attended by Jeanne Markel and Chris Wedge last weekend.

Jeanne in Indian pant suit by Thrift Store,
gold beads and Red Bindi by Estate Sale.
en route to soirée in Orient, NY.
Incredible Dahlias at
The Idle Hour
Ice Cream Parlour
Sweet Peas plucked from a roadside
patch on a bike ride.
Displayed in a smashed red vase.
Stones arranged by color
on Rocky Beach, Orient,
with nose of Fern.
Portrait of Cynthia Tuthill - 1832
Cynthia Tuthill (1797-1881) was one of three daughters of
Rufus Tuthill, Jr. and Lucinda Griffin.
She was quite the fashion plate.
She and her sisters supported themselves as 
expert seamtresses.
This painting is in the collection of
the Oysterponds Historical Society.

À Bientôt!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lazy Girl is Back in Town

Bitter Sweet
We are home, back in New York City. La Rentrée. Now we are re-immersing in the vibrant life of the Lower East Side, and, it seems especially vibrant (shall we say strident?) after the quietude of the North Fork of Long Island.

I have a few more Lazy Girls posts in me ... in this one, we revisit an evening with the Cramers and a glorious sunset.
Richard's daughter, Dianna, as we prepared to
watch the sunset.
Window-table please -- set for dinner.
Chicken, fresh greens and rice. 
And a great, local white wine.

 Setting chairs up to watch the sunset.
Front Row.