Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nantucket Idle, Part I

A Wedding on the
Island of Nantucket
The Thursday before Labor Day, the Delancey car service driver picked me up for a trip to JFK. I was heading to a tiny island in the Atlantic, 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I was meeting girl friends, and we were attending a posh wedding.

As I waited in the Jet Blue lounge for the 45-minute flight, I noticed people in their white pants and navy blazers, or khaki shorts and pink, polo shirts. These travelers were no doubt familiar with the native costumes of Nantucket. This was my first trip. I was dressed in black, save for a bright yellow scarf and a blue and white striped St. James tee.

How happy I was to be off for the weekend. I would be sharing a B&B with my Elmira College roommate, Tobi. There would be lots of dressing up for parties, plenty of time to shop, and luncheons of lobster rolls and rosé wine.

Happy Camper-dom.
Let loose in a town full of shops, I found these tassels
normally meant to adorn camels.
When hippie met preppy....

The folkloric looks is very big this year.
 The sitting room of the suite I shared with my friend, Tobi.
 There were good paintings in the inn, done
by the mother of the current owner, Jeannette.

 Jeannette's father made this hooked rug.
Our inn -- The Chestnut House.
 A florist next-door to our inn had loaded
his van with gorgeous hydrangea bouquets.
 If the shops were on the conservative side,
they were still charming.
And who knows when a crisp, cotton shirt
will be just the thing?
 So New England.
Toggery is attire. The word was first used in 1810.
 My days were spent wandering about.
 What lovely accessories lie within?

 A red MG laden with hat boxes
led to a search for a shop.
 Breakfast at Black-eyed Susan's.
 Classic bags discovered at Dokkim.
Reader, I purchased a Dokkim bag.
This was my outfit for party at the Sankaty Head
Golf Club on night two of the festivities.
Night one was the rehearsal dinner.
Tobi and I displayed our accessories 
on the mantel in our room.
 A funny bag.
 He of the red MG.
Mr. Peter Beaton's shop.
 Choose your trims.

Tobi got these chic shoes at the
Charleston Shoe Company.

 A beautiful evening at the Sankaty Head Golf Club.
 Picture perfect.
The sea is beyond.
 Guests enjoy the cool breeze.
 This lovely lady wore the best colors.
 Playing taps at sunset.
 The bride and groom had such lovely friends.
 A bright-blue blazer bucks the navy tradition.
 Delightful young people ending
the summer.

A vintage flag in a shop reminds me
of Richard Cramer, living the high life in NYC.

Or it could stand for Richard and Carol.

À Bientôt!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Midsummer's Night Dream of a Party

An Orient Fairyland
On an early September evening in Orient, New York, revelers gathered to party in homage to William Shakespeare's comedy, "A Midsummer's Night Dream".

My sister, Jeanne, and her husband, Chris, attended the soirée. Costumes were de riguer. I created a hat to wear in the make-believe woodland. She purchased a long, silk, floral dress at the Times Vintage in Greenport. Taken in sum, she became a denizen of the forest for one night.

 Jeanne as a Woodland party goer.
Chris is faun like with a twig wreath and
oyster shells on his ears.
 Carol beginning the hat.
She is threading a curved needle.
You must have a curved needle for hat making.
 We used pins and things
from Jeanne's collection of
Shirley Wedge jewelry.
 We purchased life-like flora from
the Michael's emporium.
More possibilities for
the trimming of the hat.
 The finished chapeau.
And I model it.

More party goers.
Post-hat making, an enchanted
moment on Jeanne's deck with Fern, Polly
and Rosé.

À Bientôt!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Richard

Elke Visits for RC's Birthday
August 14th. The day little Dick Cramer was born 84 years ago in Appleton, Wisconsin. Subsequent to that, the boy grew up in Neenah, Wisconsin, living on a 14-acre plot of land with a few cows, chickens, cats and a dog. The young boy built a seat around an apple tree in the yard. He played in the nearby swamp with his brother, Ed.

Dick Cramer attended the Lakeview Country Day School and then Neenah High. By his own admission, he did nothing in high school except play ping pong with his friend Buckles Byer. When he was a senior, a new art teacher told him to go to art school. The young man had found his calling.

We had a lovely party for Richard, as we now call him. My friend, Elke Kuhn, was visiting us in Orient, New York, making the party even more festive.

Elke at Beall and Bell in Greenport, NY.
Beall and Bell has an expertly edited collection
of antiques, furniture and art.
Gladiolas from the
Surrey Lane Farm Stand in
 Guests toast Richard.
Left to right:
Chris Wedge, Elke, Jack Wedge 
and Jeanne Markel.
David Markel
Balloons in the Crepe Myrtle.
My birthday drawing for Richard.
 The cake makes an entrance.
 The delectable cake from the Blue Duck Bakery.
Richard wished to be 48 instead of 84.
 Jack made some drawings for Richard.
 A drawing of Polly, Sarah Wedge's dog.
Jeanne drew this self-portrait for Richard.
She really captured the polka-dot dress to perfection.
David gave Richard some puzzles, including
this one of quirky animals.
Two cards from Richard's daughter, Dianna,
and son-in-law, Michael.
I see an animal theme developing.
Elke and I had fun antiquing.
Here is Elke with a find from North Fork Found in Peconic.
Adding to her flower-pin collection,
Elke bought the red and white pin and
the green flower at the
Old Orchard Farm Store in Orient.
 Elke and I indulged in some green-tea pie
from Four & Twenty Blackbirds.
It was all about the texture, and not
about the taste.
 At Beall and Bell, Greenport.
 Gaga for gingham in the sunroom
of our rented house in Orient.

Thank you, Elke, for your photos.
We so enjoyed your visit.

À Bientot!