Monday, November 2, 2015

Road Trip!

Leaf Peeping, A Cake and a Baby.
It's All in a Weekend's Journey to
Upstate New York
When there's a new baby in the family, everyone wants to meet her. She's little, chubby and cute as all get out. It's been about six months since my niece, Sara, and her husband Dan welcomed their new baby, Celia, and the Aunts were eager to see her.

It's a bit of a haul from New York City to upstate New York, where they live, so it took a while to put the trip together. But last weekend, my sister, Jeanne, Richard and I drove to Syracuse to my sister Susan's house. Susan is Sara's mother and baby Celia's grandmother.

Road Trip!
Jeanne's dog, Fern, came with us.
She doesn't like riding in the car, but she
had her nice, comfy bed in the back.
 We are underway.
An azure sky frames
a hillside of brilliant, autumnal colors along Route 17.
 Nearing Roscoe, New York, home
of the world-famous Roscoe Diner.
 The Roscoe Diner is legendary in our family
as a stop on our trips to visit Grandma Kate in
Tonawanda when we were kids.
 Located in Sullivan County, (The Catskills) The Roscoe Diner
 provides a convenient place to stop.
A scenic view of Route 17
from the Roscoe Diner webcam herel
 Jeanne poses next to a large bear.
Roscoe, situated at the convergence
of Beaver Kill and Willowemoc Creek,
 is the trout fishing capital of
New York State.
We arrive at Susan and Rick's house in Syracuse.
Susan had a lovely cheese plate and wine for us.
Soon Susan and Jeanne were in a game of Scrabble,
a Markel family addiction.
I do not play anymore. I don't like two-letter words.
 Richard and I stayed at a hotel while in Syracuse. 
It was homecoming weekend at Syracuse University.
Let's just say that
there was a lot of ORANGE around.
We Meet the Baby!
 Celia arrives!
Yup, cute as a button.
 Left to Right:
My niece, Sara, Celia, Susan and Jeanne.
 Sara was trying out banana as a new
food for Celia.
She didn't go bananas over it.
 Celia's dad, Dan, Fern, me,
Celia and Susan.
Celia was the cynosure* of all eyes.
*Do you believe I spelled this without spell check?
Of course there were presents.
Jeanne got Celia beautiful nesting blocks
and the classic Madeleine book.
Auntie Carol gave her a velvet party dress.
Let them eat cake!
We could not visit Syracuse without having a fabulous "Shadow" cake from the Geddes Bakery.
 Susan approaches Nirvana in the
form of a good bake.
If you are watching the Great
British Baking Show you will
get this reference.
There it sits -- the "Shadow" cake.
Black and white icing and black and white cake inside.
 Like the Swiss Alps of meringues.
Big Orange cookies for Homecoming.
 Ah....the cake.
 The cake holds together beautifully
for a perfect slice.
 Carol gets to hold the baby.
 Susan and Rick live in a beautiful neighborhood
in Syracuse. There are lots of wonderful houses.

 This is the Adelaide Robineau studio and home.
She was an important American painter, potter
and ceramist in the Arts and Crafts movement.
She also taught at Syracuse University for nine years.
 There are eclectic architectural styles on their street.
 This is Susan and Rick's craftsman-style house.
 Susan's beautiful collection of Fiestaware
found at yard sales.
 Susan's living room with Mission furniture.
 This painting of white tulips hangs over Susan's fireplace.
She inherited it from our mother, Mary.
It was painted by a Sea Cliff artist, Mary Holler.
Susan also has this painting by our grandmother,
Kate Keleher. We lived up the street from
 this house on Littleworth Lane in Sea Cliff.
 After an exhausting day with the Aunts and Grandma and Grandpa,
Celia, Dan and Sara head back to their home in a nearby town.
 Back at Jeanne's house I snap this picture of another
painting by Grandma Kate of
Jeanne's playhouse in Sea Cliff, built by our
father, Sam Markel.

À Bientôt!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Romp Around Chelsea

Sunday afternoon in Chelsea
with Hannah & the Girls
What a lark it was last Sunday on the first cold day of the fall when we girls got together with a fab Brit photographer named Hannah Miles. We met in Chelsea at Stan's place (as in Debra Rapoport's partner, Stan) who lives in Westbeth, the only artists' enclave left standing in the pricey West Village. This was our jumping off point for an afternoon of fun and fotos around Chelsea.

Debra looking absolutely smashing in a
pink-plumed hat of her own design and
pink feather jacket.
 Debra with Dolores from California, in
town for a mini-vacation.
 Dolores' fab hosiery and shoes.
 The pants are from Bali.
Dolores told us she is going to a wedding in India
and has five saris for the event!
 Debra took us to the Gansevoort Market in
the Meatpacking District.
The busy space is chock-a-block with
food stalls and lousy with tourists.
 Dolores seemed a perfect visual fit
with the macaron display.
She could be wearing a macaron on her head.
 Debra just happened to have this blue
feather hat that matched Dolores' hair to perfection.
 This young lady went crazy for the hat!
An utter stranger sans inhibitions.
 Debra and Diana in the violet glow of
the market.
 One of our stops was the Whitney Museum.
Diana Gabriel in a red necklace and earrings of
her own design with Debra.
There is currently at the Whitney a terrific show of
the paintings of Archibald Motley,
Jazz Age Modernist. (1891-1981)
This is the kind of show you pray for from a 
museum -- paintings you can feast your eyes on.
Motley's color is hot and vibrant, and so inspiring!
 We all posed on the Whitney's 8th floor deck.
Hannah is in the foreground.
This random man is seemingly oblivious
 to the drama unfolding before him. 
 The new Whitney, designed by Renzo Piano,
is an urban playground
of catwalks and
death-defying grates. It has
the best views in New York City.
 Carol in a hat of her own design
and silk scarf from Hello Sari.
Photo by Hannah Miles
Hamming in up in the hamlet of NYC.
Photo by Hannah Miles
 Diana with The Standard Hotel as a backdrop.
She is exposing her lovely jewelry, and hopefully,
no one at The Standard is exposing anything else.
 The Empire State Building rises through the clouds.
Hannah Miles with the West Side Highway
and the Hudson River behind her.
See Hannah's work here.
Resting at the Whitney.
Photo by Hannah Miles

À Bientôt!