Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old Town Nice

A Little Bit Jersey Shore and
A Little Bit Continental Charm
On a Sunday night in Nice, we decided to dine at Boccaccio, a seafood restaurant in the Old Town Nice district. As we strolled the pedestrian-only streets past baroque apartment buildings, I got a case of déjà vu. Old Nice reminded me of Market Street in center city Philadelphia in the 1970s when we photographed store windows filled with stilted mannequins dressed in provocative, pastel negligees glowing in artificial light. And Old Nice has seaside references everywhere, as if you were walking the slightly honky-tonk boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Deux femmes de Nice
Les Chapelleries (Hat Shops)
The same old-timey feeling applies to the hat population.

Pink chapeau confections.
Want a cocktail, little girl?

An array of white fedoras ready for their stage debut.
The White-Cotton Shops
There are many shops that sell nothing but clothing in white cotton.
Apparently the people of Nice take purity to extreme heights.

 A crocheted shrug and a tiny white outfit for un bébé.
It's so quaint you want to dance in clogs.
Ze boys cherchent ses Vespas.
Signs of Old Nice

 An art deco hotel door.
 An apartment building facade.
This sign reminded me of
A Laurie Simmons walking birthday cake.
The Case of the Giant Man-Eating Shellfish Platter
Dinner was at Boccaccio. We bagged a table outside.
The sea level dropped after these specimens were brought up from the depths.
This couple took hours to work through their plateau.
Richard ordered these oysters.
 Frankly I would not touch them, but
I wasn't going to tell him that.
This Russian couple was sitting next to us.
 I think he works for the KGB.
Time-Warp Stuff

Nice posture, ma chère.
Two nuns walking home?
Kind of a Walker Evans feel to it.
My absolute faves. Little mannequin kids from the 50s.
Leave it to Beaver with a Lemon Meringue pie on his head.
Suzy has froot loop hair.
Cavity Central
L'Art Gourmand, one of the fantastic candy emporiums in Nice.
It's fruit. It's candy. It's fruit. It's candy.

Cookies proved irresistible.
Nous en avons acheté.
Adorable sales lady.
 Is that a Burberry scarf around her neck?
Who you have to see after you eat all the candy.

The Best Ice Cream in Nice
 We headed to Fenocchio in the Place Rossetti for ice cream.
 They have some exotic flavors.
 Richard went with classics: chocolate and raspberry.
 Mine was classic as well: chocolate and coffee (or was in caramel?)
 To accompany the ice cream, the cookies from L'Art Gourmand.

How we felt after eating our cookies and ice cream.
À Bientôt until next week.


  1. Really lovely photos and commentary. I would have skipped the oysters too but bring on the cookies and ice cream! How funny would it be to break into one of the white cotton shops and tie dye everything:).

  2. The hat shops make me want to leave for Nice tomorrow, and spend the holidays surrounded by the beauty that you portray with your photos.

  3. Love that old world charm--brought back memories of when I was there with a back pack ooooo many years ago! thx for the pics--I am a new follower!