Monday, March 25, 2013

Travel Lite

This is an acronym for how to pack and travel à la Carol.

PL = Pack Lite
I am a meticulous packer and our 3-week supply of clothes
and papers fit in these two cases.
The secret is to build in layers and use every available pocket of space.
You wear one pair of shoes on the trip.
That's my free bag from Topshop when they opened in Soho 
on the top left.

 Richard and I use two Rimowa "international" size suitcases which
 are 20" x 15" x 7"
These are smaller than an American carry on.
These don't have those fancy swivel wheels
but that would be nice.
W = Wash
I found this great wash by hand gel in a grocery store in Paris.
Wash out your underwear and socks every night.
Create an installation in your shower of underwear.
Your femme or homme de chambre will love it.
You can have the hotel dry clean your shirts and pants.
CCC = Check and Color Code Your Bags
We always check our bags. Then you don't have to wrestle them up on those tables for inspection. I will never understand why they don't have a conveyor belt to take bags up from the floor to the table.
Color Code your luggage tags so you can spot them on the baggage carousel. We got these neat neon tags at Flight 101, a travel store in the West Village.
CUGB = Cut Up Guide Books
Don't take the whole, heavy guide book.
 Cut out the pages that you will need.
Follow these packing tips and you
will be a happy traveler.
And leave room in your suitcase for
le shopping à Paris!!

À Bientot!


  1. Thanks for the tips :)
    It will be usefull for me. coz my job makes me shud travel light but I love to always in style wherever I go hehehe.
    well, we never know who or what will be meet or see, right :)

    please visit mine if you have a time. thank you :)

    Hello from Indonesia :)

  2. Hi Titaz,
    Thanks for looking at Femme et Fleur.
    I will look at your blog too.

  3. Such great advice, which I will take to heart. I adore your colorful ensemble.

  4. Carol

    I've been waiting for this post ever since I saw you and RC enter a taxi holding just a little tote. Obviously, you are a 'master packer'.

    Me?... I'm lousy at packing. Our first trip to Europe many years ago, I packed my piece of luggage so full, I couldn't lift it off the bed and we were leaving for the airport in two hours!

    After my 'meltdown' and a quick trip to Staples to purchase luggage wheels, we were on our merry way. Unfortunately, my packing skills haven't improved much over the years.

    Thanks for the great travel tips!

  5. Dyan,
    I did not cover wardrobe in the post. I recommend a basic black outfit the tedium of which may be eliminated with colorful scarves and the random addition of a striped mariner tee. I realize that most people have the tendancy to pack too much, but one must think "less is more" in these instances.