Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On my Inspiration Board...

Lily Pulitzer died this week. She's the lady who put pink and green on map. She was an hieress living in Palm Beach when she practically went crazy with nothing to do. So she and a friend started an orange juice stand. When the juice splashed on their clothes, they came up with the idea of doing colorful patterns (like you would have on your kitchen curtains) to camouflage the stains. Et voila.
The Lily Pulitzer brand was born.

My homage to Lily.

Getting ready to go to lunch with Richard.
Agnes B jacket, vintage bead necklace
and Yves St. Laurent brooch.
Beady Eyed
 Some of my bead necklaces.

 With an Amanda Fatherazi brooch.

A new drawing....
Happy Spring, mes amis.

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