Saturday, June 29, 2013


Grandma's Closet
Last winter, a Japanese website named "HEAPS" contacted us. Don't ask me what it stands for, maybe HEAPS OF FUN! They wanted to come and photograph our closets. OK. I figured this contact was a result of our being in the book Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen.

The cover of Issue 2
Look right above and see our closet in the "Style" box.

HEAPS is a New York and Tokyo digital magazine. As the lovely editor, Yo Sato, explained to me, it's to show people in the Big Sushi what's up in the Big Apple. Yes, I will admit, I styled our closets which never looked so good, for the shoot.

The photographer who came to our apartment took some great shots. I am sorry that I did not get his name for credit. In the one above, I am wearing an Alpana Bawa coat. Richard has kind of a funny smile but I think that he looks terrific. Apparently, the only way you can view the content of this site is to download it to an IPad. According to my friend, Jodi Miller, who did these screen grabs for me, it's an interactive app. No, I don't have an IPad.

They call this "Style" story, "Grandma's Closet." I am the Grandma. (Not in real life, though.) I think this graphic is adorable. These are our actual closet doors.  I love the way we designed our closets in our apartment. They go from floor to ceiling. You click on the pink heart and ... voilà!

Inside the closet...

Naturally the text is in Japanese. Several people sent me translations, but I will post this one from Carla Margulies D'Acierno, who is a linguist.

In New York, in Japan the fashionable old age lady who cannot depend on the eye ([guranma]) the multitude it is. Accurately with black from texture [ru] mode system to style of the systemic fur being covered, style of her personality full opening only New York. Even among those, carol [materu] is the existence which is conspicuous conspicuously. In the colorful dress which does not make age feel, only it is to overflow the smiling face. Repeating year, the reason where she continues to shine probably is what? To joke [guranma] of the New York stamp, passing the time, it visited concerning the method of living which does not fade.

The Gist:
Most old ladies in Japan don't have an eye for style. They mostly wear black and cover themselves with fur. Only in New York can your style open up completely. Even among all the stylish people in New York, Carol really stands out. She wears colors which do not make her feel old. And she smiles a lot.
Year after year, why does she continue to shine? It's that New York "je ne sais pas" and she tells good jokes. Her style and way of life do not fade.

Colors love this Grandma.

In this shot, Richard and I are sitting in our living room/dining room/work space. Note the orange roses which perfectly match the book -- Grace Coddington's Memoir. (A must read, BTW.) Repros of some of Richard's drawings on the table, and my inspiration board on the right.

Some of my hats and beads.

Red Rouge and philosophy for a brighter life. 

I like this photo of me because of the geometric quality of the white wall, and the colors of the chairs around me. I am wearing a dress designed by a Japanese designer, Tsumori Chisato, and purchased in her boutique in Paris on rue Barbette in the Marais.

The text is based on the answers I wrote to the editor's questions. Here's a sample. If anyone wants to read the whole thing, email me, and I will send you a copy.

YO SATO: Until when you think you will wear clothe nicely and be fashionable and cool elderly?

ME:  I will dress up and have fun until I drop.

A Bientot, Mes Amis!


  1. 私は非常にお勧め

  2. It is funny that Grace, who by her own admission never reads, wrote a book. It is a very easy book to read.

  3. Lovey grandma, it brings me HEAPS of joy to see and read this delightful post!