Thursday, January 23, 2014

Un chapeau noir et blanc

Just one more hat ....
Before the Open Studio...
Suggested by a Friend...
and who knew, I'd love it so....
Like a French film running in my head .... noir et blanc,
I started on a hat while sitting in a room, and occasionally using a broom
Because my red kitchen floor attracts dirt like crazy.
 Circles of white, buttons from a box...
 Simple white felt,
listening to WNYC
Two phones in case...
 Audacious, big buttons
A little scary...
 Shelf stuff...
New favorite bracelet.
Rose from my birthday.
Laurence Kazar label.
From a new, sequin blouse...
 Glace thread.
Left over from FIT.
Number 2 pencil.
Cause I'm doing Sunday crossword...
 Paper on my table. 
Protects the table.
Good for making notes.
Thimble for my finger...
Head block for blocking.
Size 23.
"Finishing the hat
How you have to finish the hat
How you watch the rest of the world
From a window
While you finish the hat"*

 "Coming from the hat
Studying the hat
Entering the world of the hat"*
 "Reaching through the world of the hat 
like a window
Back to this one and that"*
"Fishing a hat
Starting on a hat
Finishing a hat
Look I made a hat
Where there never was a hat..."*

Asterisked lyrics from
"Sunday in the Park with George"
by Stephen Sondheim