Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Monsters of the
Lower East Side
Here are some quick takes from Halloween on the Lower East Side of New York. We live in a co-op with 20 floors, so if you sign up in our management office, they put you on a Trick or Treat list for the kids who go from floor to floor.

All the kids are adorable, so it's a treat for us to see them. Some parents are super strict and only allow one candy per child. Some polite children ask how many they may take. And some children grab all they can. Those are the naughty children.
 I threw this costume together with a wig from
a street vendor, some face make up from Ricky's
and my sequin top from Madame Matouvu.
I bought Richard a mask at Ricky's and
he wore an orange shirt and sat
on an orange chair.
Our candy offerings.
Most of it went except for the Reese's Peanut Butter cups.

Scenes from the Neighborhood

The  vintage Chanel store. 
 Wendy Mink's window
Guy in the coffee shop.
 Maraschino Cherry Head Girls.
 Clayton Patterson's door
 Cute schoolgirl
 Super woman hands out candy
from the Mother Lode of all Candy,
Economy Candy on Rivington Street.
 Flower girl
 Spiderman after a hard day at the web.
Dive bar with candy for kids.
 Black and white theme,
corner Clinton and Rivington.
 Scary girls on Clinton.
 Princess Lower East Side
 Dad looks good.
Trick or treating dog.
The cruel joke: no biscuits!

À Bientôt!

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  1. New Yorkers seem to really go all out for Halloween - when I started visiting in October I couldn't believe the number of Halloween themed stores everywhere. I love that wig! Oddly enough, all the kids I had come to my door wanted Peanut butter cups.