Saturday, May 16, 2015

Posing at the Modern

Draw Me at MoMA
Last Saturday Richard and I went to the Museum of Modern Art to participate in a figure-drawing workshop. I was posing for the workshop, and Richard, after seeing the great "Migration Series" by Jacob Lawrence, found his way to the drawing session to act as CKO (Chief Kibutzing Officer).

Four ladies of Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style franchise (the blog, the book and the movie) gathered at MoMA's Sculpture Garden to pose against a wall adorned with bronze figures by Matisse. We were helping to kick off "Prime Time," a MoMA program for New Yorkers who are over 65. Prime Time is the brainchild of Francesca Rosenberg, Director of Community, Access and School Programs. The workshop, however, was open to people of all ages.

A pose with all four models.
To my right, Debra Rapoport, Joyce Carpati and Lana Turner.
A sketch by Sarah Jane.
Richard in subdued colors.
I am wearing a hat, beads and dress of my own design.
Yellow bag by Lisa Perry
Photo by Carrie McGee 
 Jewelry designer, Diana Gabriel.
Advanced Styler, Carola Vecchio
 Drawing Joyce.

Photographs by JJ  Keyser
Lana Turner in a hat by Heidi Lee
You know how Richard is. He has the Irish "Gift of Gab" and will strike up a conversation at the drop of a hat, and we have lots of hats. Using the art of the quip as ice breaker, Richard asked JJ Keyser, a retired plastic surgeon from South Carolina, if he was a fish. The logic behind this query, if there is any, was that JJ was wearing a shirt with a fish design. Apparently JJ did not miss a beat because he took these cool pictures and was kind enough to send them to me. Thank you JJ.
 The modern way to draw at the Modern.
 Lana looking at some drawings.
I love her big, green bracelet.
 The brilliant Debra Rapoport.
 Drawing Debra
 Lana and Joyce, who is wearing a Chanel suit
with her trademark pearls and a marvelous violet scarf.
Posing with an apple.
Photos by JJ Keyser
Drawing Carol with an apple.
Sketch by Dominique Flaksberg
My absolute favorite picture of me
by Lauren M. Jones.

For more information on Prime Time,
go here.

À Bientôt!


  1. This looks like a fun day. I would have loved to have been sitting and sketching all of you. Love your shift dress here. I'm inspired to find a good caftan pattern and sew myself some dresses.

  2. Silver Edit, Thank you.

    Joni, I hope you do sew a caftan. They seem so easy and basic. I air brushed the patterns in textile paint on my dress.

  3. Ahhh, I've been going through Ari's blog to get the flavor and flair of who I'll be meeting soon! Such a delight to get to know you a little better. I lived in Philly between '79 -'93, and worked as a fashion model in the early '80's. I did print and runway for Wanamakers and Gimbels (?) during that time. I also worked for Saks on City Line Ave for a few years, managing the Jr. dept before I started modeling full time. I suspect we'll be able to connect a few dots when we connect in NY. So looking forward to meeting you!! XXOO

  4. Jean, we lived in Philly from 66 to 85.Shopped at Wanamakers, especially the great men's department and the Tribout Shop. See you soon.

  5. What an awesome idea -- I wish I was there!