Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wednesdays with Carol, April 12, 2017

Table for Three at
Red Rooster &
a MAD afternoon
I took the A train to Harlem this past Wednesday to meet two friends at a fantastic restaurant, Red Rooster Harlem

Sue Kreitzman, the prolific artist and maker of neckwear, garments and sculpture, is back in town from her home in London.  Dayle, known Artful City Style, joined us. We sat down in the bustling restaurant so creatively decorated with paintings, chatskas and what-have-you's, as to bedazzle the eye and make the menu choices all the much harder.

Red Rooster is the is the bright idea of celebrity chef, Marcus Samuelsson. He has infused both the decor and food with the traditions of Harlem and of his native Sweden in a delicious blend of comfort food.

 Sue in her trademark, big-red glasses.
Sue makes the neckware, always big, bold and
colorful from pieces found at 
flea markets in New York and London.
Here a necklace is adorned with Indian gods.
The stylish Dayle
dresses with verve in vintage finds
and exotic bangles and beads.
 The beautiful hostess at The Red Rooster
 A waitress shows off the desserts.
We did eat entrees which were great.
We had Helga's Meatballs,
corn bread and fried green tomatoes.
 We were honored to have Theresa, the pastry chef,
stop by our table to chat.
She shared her ideas about flavor and
and told us about her journeys in life that
have informed her baking.
Three Red Rooster boosters
 After lunch we were treated to a tour by Dayle who is a docent
at The Museum of Art and Design.
The show is Counter-Couture:
Handmade Fashion in an 
American Counterculture.
This is a crocheted outfit by 100% Birgitta Birgitta.
 These garments were made in the
1960s and 70s, an era known
as the hippie movement.
 An incredible velvet cape.
We were so inspired by all the costumes.
 An outfit by Fayette Hauser called
Cosmic Gypsy.
It was worn bare-breasted.
 One of the outfits by the
Cockettes who lived in
San Francisco.
 A dress made for the singer, Mama Cass,
of the Momas and the Popas.
 A futuristic outfit made by
an artist who was discovered by
Salvador Dali who was
a fan of the hippie style.

 The above two outfits and the
wall piece are by
100% Birgitta Birgitta,
who was from Sweden.
 Handmade shoes using rubber duck toys.
 A patchwork suit worn by
a person who worked in a hospital
and who did not like the hospital-issued scrubs.
 Patchwork dresses made of fabric,
ribbons and mola.

I hope you can see this show which runs through 
August 20.

À Bientôt!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I know where I will visit diring my next trip to NY.

  2. What a fabulous exhibition! Thanks for sharing another Wednesday outing, Carol. xx