Monday, May 29, 2017

Not Wednesday, but Saturday, with Carol

Birthday Girl
I have heard from my readers who are wondering where my Wednesday posts have been for the past week. I have been remiss in not detailing a few of my Wednesday adventures.  For instance, last Wednesday, I met my girlfriends from Elmira College for lunch at the Yale Club.

Having taken the 6 train, I arrived at Grand Central Terminal early for the luncheon. I had to buy a birthday present for one of my ladies, and I found a little shop called Cursive, New York. There I purchased a colorful, small canvas bag in lavenders and reds made by Les Toiles du Soleil, a shop specializing in canvas fabrics from France. My nails were a frightful sight, so I walked over to Lexington Avenue and 45th Street to a wonderful salon, full of career women on their lunch breaks where I got a manicure and had my nails painted red.

Now let's forward to this Saturday, not a Wednesday, but still a perfectly good day of the week to write about. Richard and I have been enjoying a visit from his daughter, Dianna, and her husband, Michael, who live in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago. It's Dianna's birthday weekend so we planned a festive lunch in her honor at The River Café, down under the Brooklyn Bridge on the East River.
Dianna and Richard at The River Café.
They have an in-house florist.
The flowers are breathtakingly beautiful
 throughout the restaurant.
Michael, Richard and Dianna.
The River Café first opened in 1977 in a
desolate waterfront area by the Brooklyn Docks.
The restaurant seems to float on the East River
like a houseboat. It has unmatched views of Manhattan and
the river, plied by tour boats and water taxis.
The historic Brooklyn Bridge is seen through
the window.
 The Café's dinnerware.
The menu has always relied on the highest
quality cuisine and the freshest ingredients.
 In 2012, the Café was inundated with four feet
of water as it was battered by Hurricane Sandy.
They closed and rebuilt opening again
after 15 months with most of the staff returning.
Michael choosing our wine.
 The sommelier discusses our wine choice
with Richard.
 A toast to Dianna.
 My favorite item in our lunch.
Warm roasted Anjou pear, crisp goat cheese croustillant,
little gem lettuce, cider vinaigrette and
double smoked bacon.
 No repast is complete for Richard
without oysters.
 The Brooklyn Bridge dessert.
 Magnificent white floral display at the
Cafe's entrance.
RC's girlfriends.
Back home after our day in
Brooklyn....a petite birthday cake
for Dianna.

À Bientôt!


  1. Carol
    In this ever-changing world, it's nice to know some things remain consistent... Richard's love of oysters :)
    Please wish Diana a very Happy Birthday from us.
    The 'other' Michael & Dyan

    1. Hi Michael and Dyan! So nice to hear your cyber voice. Our visit with Carol and my father has been wonderful. I am so fortunate to have such beautiful people to celebrate with! ❤️

  2. Hey B-Day Girl
    Not only the great company, but also that great birthday meal!
    Carol really knows how to pick 'em.
    So glad it was such a festive event for you :)
    XOX... Dyan

  3. Such a wonderful intimate and visually beautiful post-I greatly enjoyed this.

    1. Thank you, Teresa. So nice of you to say so.

  4. Happy birthday Diana and husband Michael. I like the flowers and the environment where the party has been hosted