Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Stroll in the East Village

Shops We Know on
Ninth Street
Last week I took a stroll on Ninth Street in the East Village, having as my destination the vintage shop, Spark Pretty. I know the Spark Pretty ladies as fans of Advanced Style, and from seeing them at the Manhattan Vintage Show.

Their exuberant new shop is next to the eyeglass purveyor Fabulous Fanny. As if you were going to view the eclipse, you could buy some outrageous sunglasses in which to view Spark Pretty. They have decked out their shop in psychedelic decor befitting the electrifying style of 1990's fashion.

 Proprietors, Megan and Amanda, with Barbie jacket.
 Hand-painted corset dresses.
 The produce department on a
voluminous jacket.
 Bejeweled denim for the
lover of New York.
 Eye-popping color and patterns at
Spark Pretty.
Further down the block, it was dèja-vu for this
shop, D.L. Cerney. Years ago, the owner, Linda St.
John, had a shop on 7th Street.  Then she moved to
Tribeca, and when that shop closed she
disappeared from sight. So I was surprised to see
this sign over a shop door.
 Far from the crazy -color world of Spark Pretty,
is the more quiet world of D.L. Cerney. Vintage-inspired 
pieces are carefully constructed with beautiful fabrics.
 A lovely summer dress for the
woman with a perfect figure.
A real treat at D.L.Cerney are Linda's tiny dolls.
She has been making these girls for years.
They are not for sale, explained her daughter, Suzi.
In 2001 a show of Linda's dolls,"50 Girls in Feed Sack
Dresses," was shown at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.
Ballgowns in gingham and tulle.
 Every walker deserves a sweet. 
 There should be a bakery on every block.
 And every block should have a florist.
Here a cornucopia of blossoms at
Libby Myer's Beetle Bug.
I first met Libby in the shop she owned
in Soho called The Smiths. Oh did I buy some
wonderful clothes there.
The beautiful lady in white minding the
shop at Beetle Bug.

À Bientôt!


  1. How charming ....such a fun time you must have had! I always enjoy all you do! 😘E.

  2. Lovely to see you posting again!

    1. Thank you, Brikka. I have been preoccupied a lot of the summer with taking care of my husband. I now have things in hand, and I am going forth and posting.