Saturday, February 17, 2018

Valentine's Day, 2018

Cut, Collage and Paste
Your Valentine Awaits
My friend, Elke Kuhn, had a Valentine-making party. It's a charming idea, because Valentine's Day is all about frills, and lacy accents, ribbons and hearts. But the really fun thing about the party was seeing Elke's apartment in Brooklyn for the first time and also being with lovely women for great conversation.

Elke is a textile artist who has done lots of artistic things in her career, including interior design. When you walk in to her apartment, with it brick walls and high ceilings, the sights take your breath away. You actually do not know where to look first.
Ms. Markel, moi,
sitting primly on the settee.
The mantle to the working fireplace. 
Christmas balls in a milk-glass bowl.
 Elke both collects and makes hats.
Hatboxes with chic labels in her studio.
 Fate with a T Square "T."
 Elke does masterful knitwear and
crochet work. One of her tunic
pieces hangs on a door.
 One of Elke's headbands in amongst
a wheat shaft lamp and a wooden handbag.
 Glass balls in purple and turquoise hues 
on a glass coffee table. 
 Elke's sofa.
 A Biedermeier armoire with silver ornaments.
 There are artful tableaux in every corner.
Elke replaced the original drawer pulls with
the blue-glass ones.
 Show and tell in Elke's apartment is
fascinating and could go on for hours.
Elke is wearing a hand-crocheted sweater of
her own design adorned with her own
polymer clay heart pins. She is showing us
a sock she made from German yarn.
 Elke's charming tea table features vintage
mercerized cotton crocheted hearts.
 A fanciful grouping of Scottie dogs and
headless ladies.
A Rosewood vase in a kitchen nook.
 In Elke's bath, it's Christmas all year.
 A Danish Christmas corner with a painting
from Cuba. Elke's son lives in Denmark
and she visits regularly.
 Even a tower of bowls in capped by
a vase of tulips in the kitchen.
 Gathering of Father Christmases acts as a
screen between the kitchen and dining areas.
 The tea table with raspberry mousse cakes
from Ceci Cela Patisserie, a chocolate torte
and vintage champagne coupes.
 Elke holds one of the many items
she put out for us to make our Valentine cards.
 My card for my husband,Richard.
 Cupid is featured in this display.
 After card-making we enjoyed this
scrumptious repast. Elke's friend, Cathy, looking
sweet as she politely waits for all to join her.
 Suzy savors her raspberry mousse.
 Thank you, Elke,
 for a wonderful afternoon.

A Bientot!


  1. Such a fabulous necklace! Will you open an etsy shop? (I rarely comment but I do love your blog, it is always a breeze of fresh air through cyberspace.)