Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Film Debut

Creativity -- It's All in the Family
Last year, my nephew, Jack Wedge, while a sophomore in high school, created an animated film called "Cold Feet." The film is both a dollop of sweetness and a pinch of the apocalyptic. The viewer is simultaneously charmed and chilled in the span of 7 minutes.

"Cold Feet" was one of 80 films out of 1000 submissions selected to appear in the first annual All-American High School Film Festival held in New York City this past October.

Jack Wedge

Jack draws all the time so it is not surprising that the idea for his film came from a drawing of a bride parachuting from a window of her house. From that visual clue came the story of two people who are to be married, but who both get "cold feet."

There are charming scenes, such as when a guest waits for the wedding to begin, and a snowman, who is sitting beside him, giggles like a baby. And there are scary scenes, as when a dog turns into a monster and eats a man. It is this duality that holds our attention. That, and Jack's simple, quirky line drawings. The images are dream-like and the dream is often a nightmare. 

Jack used stop-motion animation to create his film. His choice of sound effects and music enhances the mood of the film experience, and family members and friends voice the characters. Jack's dad, Chris Wedge, voices the wedding guest, and his sister, Sarah Wedge, voices the bride. The film is dedicated to Jack's mother, Jeanne Markel.

"Cold Feet" by Jack Wedge

Here are some drawings by Jack.

À Bientôt!

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