Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Advanced Style The Documentary

A Rousing Good Time 
at the City Winery
On Monday night, Richard and I attended an event for Advanced Style The Documentary at The City Winery, a performance space, restaurant and bar. It was a packed house, and anticipation was high to see Simon Doonan, Creative Ambassador of Barneys, who would MC the evening, and the gals of Advanced Style.

High glam was in evidence among the Advanced Style ladies and others. 
The Sequin Girls:
Me with Jessica Bonarius,
a lovely lady from England who 
is in New York doing a costume design internship.
Simon kicks off the evening by introducing Ari Seth Cohen,
creator of both the blog and the book, Advanced Style, and
Lina Plioplyte, director of the film.
On the stage with them were the Advanced Style
ladies who star in the film.
Before going to the City Winery, we stopped by our
favorite Soho restaurant, Savore, and encountered these lively
gals who were also going to the Advanced Style event.
They had travelled all the way from New Haven, Connecticut.
Richard with jewelry designer, Diana Gabriel.
Don't you love the green and red?
 Simon lobbed provocative questions at the Advanced Style
stars, who parried them expertly.
From left: Joyce Carpati, Debra Rapoport and Ilona Royce Smithkin.
 From left: Lynn Dell, Tziporah Salamon and Jacquie Tajah Murdock.
Joyce makes a point.
Elke in a necklace of her own design.
 Val looking très soigné.
Richard with Jeri and Rory, who
we met this summer at a restaurant on Shelter Island. 
Jean and Alice
Jacquie and friend.
The evening ended with a cabaret show 
with Ilona and her ubiquitous red boa.
 It was a lovely party.

Hope you will all go and see the film,
Advanced Style, in a theatre near you.

For more information, go here:

À Bientôt!


  1. Definitely going to see the film. This is a fun post, looks like loads of fun!


  2. Richard just gets handsomer and handsomer!
    You look SENSATIONAL.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful evening.