Saturday, September 27, 2014

Color in its Various Forms

Color + Geometry
A Blast from the Past
Today's theme, class, will be strong color and geometric shape as utilized by a French street artist, an unknown painter of walls, a Swedish artist and yours truly.
This is a fresco on a wall at the entrance to the new boutique, which just opened in Soho, New York City, of French jewelry designer Aurélie Bidermann. It's by the French street artist and muralist who goes by the name of Remed. On a recent walk through Soho, it immediately caught my eye as an original and dynamic use of color and shape.
While walking on Allen Street, between Delancey and Broome,
 I spied this wonderful painting on the side of a building. 
Diagonals have always attracted me.
This is a painting by Olle Baertling (1911-1981), a Swedish artist.
It was done in 1958.
The size is 76" x 38".

In the 1970s I was looking at Baertling for inspiration for my paintings.  In 1978, Richard and I organized a show in Philadelphia called: The Courthouse Show -- Elemental Painting. It featured 15 abstract painters and was installed at the Federal Courthouse building in Center City.
Me and my paintings at The Courthouse Show, 1978.
Today I am still using diagonals in the design of my hats.
These works were spray painted with an air brush.

À Bientôt!


  1. I love seeing your paintings! They remind me so much of a painting my aunt had on her diningroom wall back in the early 70's. I was so impressed and inspired by it. It was very large and bold like these. I think I developed a taste for abstract right then.