Sunday, December 7, 2014

Launch Party - Monica Byrne Atelier

Fun at an Elegant
Launch Party
Last year we were pleased to make the acquaintance of Monica Byrne, a fashion designer extraordinaire. Monica recently moved her atelier to West 27th Street, and we were happy to accept an invitation to her Launch Party.
 In the elevator on the way to Monica's atelier,
two of her friends in the same Monica coat.
 Monica on left and Victoria on right.
Victoria did the fabulous decor for Monica's atelier.
 Monica maintains an old-fashioned type of
enterprise. Her clothes are not sold in stores.
One must travel to West 27th Street in order to see 
her meticulously tailored, sophisticated, creative clothes. 
 Her studio reminds me of a PBS series called The House of Eliott,
about two sisters who were dressmakers in 1920s London.
When I tried on this beautiful vest, I knew
it would be mine.
For one thing, it went so well with my outfit.
Call it kismet, karma or serendipity,
somewhere along that spectrum.
The man with the credit card,
A glimpse of the sweet, blue velvet sofa.
Left: Rosemary Wettenhall of  the vintage shop,
Madame Matovu
with Camille Davis.
Monica with friend, Veronica,
a textile designer.
Left: Camille Caito with Astrid de St. Anthost.
Camille and her husband, Nicolas Caito, have a
pattern-making atelier in New York,
and Astrid has an atelier in Brooklyn where
she paints on fabric.
Photographer and stylist, Franco Lacosta.
Franco takes a selfie with moi!

À Bientôt!


  1. Carol, you have never looked more beautiful. The pink vest is divine. And the hat - be still my heart. The man with the credit card is looking great as well!

  2. Judith, thank you. the hat was custom made for me by Tatyana Pavlova, a milliner with a shop in Soho in the 80s.

  3. I absolutely adore the pink vest, and wish I could have one but I suppose that's the only one. BCBG, as we used to say in French class!

  4. Nancy, There are more pink vests. Qu'est-ce que BCBG?