Saturday, December 20, 2014

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings
One and All*
With happiness I must cheer,
we made it through another year.
With health issues only minor,
we can say that we feel finer.

To all our friends, both far and wide,
we refrain from comments snide.
Advanced Style ladies both classic and quirky,
May your holiday dinner be tofurky.

To Dianna and Michael in Oak Parky,
To Frank Lloyd Wright do not be snarky.

To Richard Conrad in Milwaukee, 
Call us on your walkie-talkie.

To Joe Cramer in that same city,
sing us some mid-western ditty.

To Irma Miller and all the folks,
Warm yourself in winter cloaks.

To Jeanne Markel avoid the rabble,
So you can play a game of Scrabble.

To Sarah Wedge at RisDee,
Be as busy as a bee.

To Jack Wedge in Katonah,
Hope your college is what you wannah.

To Chris Wedge in the film dustry,
Trim with trucks your Xmas tree.

To Susan Markel of rowing fame,
To the gold please make a claim.

To Rick Jahnke in the north,
Have a bagel and go forth.

To Sara Jahnke now with child,
May your winter be quite mild.

To David Markel on the East End,
To Jeanne your Scrabble move do send.

To Samantha Markel in NYC,
Come and see your sweet auntie.

To Tobi B. and Harriette T.
in Antigua we will be.

To all the gems who went to Tyler,
On the phone we'd like to dial ya.

To creative souls we know and love,
Sending you a turtle dove.

Photo by Andy Hornberger
Long Beach, NY 2005

Season's Greetings
Happy New Year
Richard and Carol

*with apologies to The New Yorker


  1. Beautiful, thank you!!

    1. Joni,
      Thank you for reading Femme et Fleur, and happy holidays to you and yours.