Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lazy Girl in the Caribbean, Episode One

A House in Antigua
Lazy Girl flew to the island of Antigua last week for a brief vacation. The temperature was in the 80s and simply delightful. I packed a variety of summer clothes - a black shift, my green sunhat, and my Muzunga Sisters Moroccan caftan. But I took too much. Life is simple there, and even though I love to change my clothes several times a day, a few cotton shifts would have sufficed.
 American Airlines flight 1226 coming in
for a landing over the Caribbean Sea.
Relaxing on a chaise at Harmony Hall's beach,
a charming hotel, restaurant and gallery in 
walking distance of our house.
Photo by Dolores Barclay
 Me standing on the road to our house
which was situated on a jut of land
overlooking the ocean.
This was a girl friend trip and I
was with my college roommate, Dolores
(Tobi) Barclay, and another college friend,
The house and pool at sunset.
A famous rock star lives next door, and we
used his wi fi.
 I am perched on a landing where 65 steps
lead down to the pier below.
Photo by Dolores Barclay.
Each of the house's three bedrooms
opened onto the pool.
My room is on the right.
My bedroom with mosquito netting.
They were biting in the evening, but
the netting kept me safe.
I added decor (my beads and bracelets, hat
and bag).
 Both Tobi and Hermione are excellent cooks
and we had lovely appetizers that Tobi
brought from New York and delicious
meals each night.
 A large yacht anchored off our point.
 A view of the property.
Former Italian premier, Berlusconi, 
lives across the bay.
 The house and grounds.
 The pool.
Surprise! There was no hot water at the house.
Here is our outdoor shower which we
augmented with pots of water heated on the stove.

À Bientôt!

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  1. Looks like the perfect trip for R&R! Fabulous sun hats.