Monday, January 26, 2015

Lola's Open Studio

Happy to be on a Hat Mission
to Lola's in Bushwick
Tonight as I sit here in my studio, all cosy, un tempête de neige grows stronger outside my window. Three feet, they say. Thunder too. Hurricane-force winds. This morning I stocked up at our local supermarket which was very crowded. But the people were quite polite. New Yorkers tend to band together in a difficult situation. We are good neighbors.

It's a good thing that I did shop, because my food delivery service, Fresh Direct, cancelled my delivery for Wednesday. Everyone is acting out of an abundance of caution. No vehicles are allowed on New York City streets tonight after 11 pm.

So it is with great pleasure, that I recall my visit to Lola, hatter extraordinaire, in Bushwick last Friday, accompanied with my two hat-loving pals, Elke and Nonnie.

Outside Lola's building in Bushwick.
Each Friday she hosts an Open Studio and sample sale.
I am wearing my Lola patchwork hat.
 Elke arrives in a splendid blue boa.
Nonnie wears a beret which suits her
perfectly. Sadly, it's one of Lola's archival pieces,
and not part of the sale.
 A display in Lola's loft.
This is a bag she had when she was 18.
 J'adore this 20's style cloche.
 Lola has a way with bows.
 Oh...parfait pour ce soir!
 Tower of berets.
These hats were available for purchase.
 I try on a satin and tulle confection.
 One of Lola's first hats.
 Come along and sing a song and join the jamboree.
 Selfie with Summer Straw.
 Elke looking very Greta Garboish in
 the Ear Hat
 Lola is laughing because we were
all oohing and aahing over
this hat!
We were simply turned on edge by our visit!!!

À Bientôt!


  1. Oh is so very hot here in AZ we could never wear hats like these on a regular basis......we would MELT! LOL LOL


  2. I have been turned on edge by your post! The three of you are having so much fun and looking gorgeous in your hats. I wish I could have been with you on this adventure. Hats and more hats. Divine!