Monday, February 9, 2015

Bon anniversaire, Jeanne

Happy Birthday,
Today is Jeanne's birthday. Jeanne Marie is my sister.  Maybe my mother, Mary, was reading this book when our Jeanne Marie was came along.
Jeanne is the baby of our family which consists of me, Susan and David. I fondly remember rocking Jeanne's carriage back and forth with my bare foot as I sat in our house on Littleworth Lane in Sea Cliff, doing my homework on the kitchen table. I did this so our mother could could get some sleep.
Jeanne and her husband, Chris have two great children. Each one is doing fantastic things. Sarah is doing her Masters in Textile Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, and Jack, a senior in high school, has already made many unique and compelling films. 
Sarah and Jack at Sarah's wedding.
Jeanne with her dog, Fern, waiting for
Sarah and Damon at the wedding.
 Jeanne has a good sense of humor.
She puns, but not as well as I do.
In general, we have a competitive
punning culture in our family.
Jeanne will probably think she is a better punner, 
but this is my blog.
She can comment if she wants to.
I will say this.
Jeanne is a competitive Scrabble player.
She knows every two-letter word.
So is David. In this game, they are in a dead heat.
This is Jeanne at a Katonah Museum of Art event
that she helped to organize several years ago.
It was a luncheon, book signing and fashion show for
Amy Sedaris and Mary Adams.
Jeanne is Vice President of the Board of Trustees 
for the Katonah Museum of Art.
I hope you have a great day on your
birthday, February 10.

À Bientôt!


  1. thank you for the birthday blog post Carol!

    1. You are welcome. What? No pun comeback?

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  3. I don't have a comeback, I am punbfounded.