Friday, February 27, 2015

Orient -- the Novel.

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Christopher Bollen, a writer living in New York City, has written a suspense novel set in the quiet village of Orient, New York. Faithful readers of Femme et Fleur will know the village well, as "Lazy Girl" posts from Orient during the month of August.

Christopher read from his novel last evening during a benefit event for the Oysterponds Historical Society, held at the Martos Gallery in Chelsea.

Orient will be published by Harper in May, 2015.
 Christopher regularly writes about art, literature and culture.
He is the Editor-at-Large for Interview Magazine.
As Christopher explained it, he first came to Orient as a renter, and found the nights scary because it was so dark and quiet. Perhaps that was one impetus that led him to write a tender kind of narrative about Orient, with a "dark" side of multiple murders. The parts of the story that he read at the gallery were quite literary and evocative of time and place.

Christopher said he had to keep reminding himself to go back to the murders and move the plot along past the lyricism of his story. Here is an apt blurb for the book.

"A thoughtful literary thriller—The Great Gatsby meets Donna Tartt. Suspenseful, beautifully written, and wonderfully atmospheric, Orient is that rare treat that is both page-turner and a book you will want to savor." —PHILIPP MEYER

Richard and I at the Red Cat, where
we dined before the event.
 Jeanne Markel and Libby Wadle, President, J. Crew brand, 
and guest.
Jeanne is wearing "Tomato Plant"
by Carol Markel.
 Richard meets the young Martos Gallery assistant.
 Guests with Dick Gillooly,
(in red tie).
 Libby Wadle with her husband,
David Potter.
 The gallery scene before the reading.
 Left to right: artist, T.J. Wilcox, and gallerists
Servane Mary and Jose Martos.
 Art on display in the Martos Gallery.
 You can find out more about Christopher Bollen's
new novel here.
Lazy Girl will return to Orient in August.
À Bientôt!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your description of the reading but admit we were distracted by Jeanne's fab "tomato plant" necklace as well as the yellow and black number you're sporting in that last shot! Cheers! Jean & Valerie