Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lazy Girl, Episode 8, Season 2: Scenes from a Summer

I cycled in reverie
down lanes and roads.
I swam in a warm river framed in grass green.
I smelled the subtly perfumed air.
I watched the swallows swoop and swirl.
I saw a perfect rose on a fence by the sea.
I ate a juicy tomato warmed by the sun.
I dined on peaches, the nectar of the gods.
I bought a hat, a necklace, a dress
and a bracelet.
I went to a party and was photographed by Newsday.
 I saw a splendid exhibit of the work
of William Steeple Davis.
 He painted these great deco figures.
 He photographed this vase of Lily of the Valley.
 He painted the Bug Lighthouse.
He painted this image of a powder-puff cat.
 Richard's family came to visit.
We met Danielle Gisiger, owner of 
the Black Whale in Aquebogue
designer of clothing and hats.
I saw a giant ear of corn.
I found the remnants of  Annie's
peach stand, but now they
sell dahlias.
I saw my sister, Susan.
and Jeanne (on left)
I saw my brother, David.
 I hung laundry on a line
A study in black and white
 We lunched at the Ram's Head Inn
on Shelter Island

 I saw a dappled lawn at the Ram's Head Inn.
 I walked by pretty houses on Village Lane.
 I saw a white hydrangea.
And we dined with old friends Andy, Julie and Sienna.

Adieu from Orient,
À Bientôt!


  1. I absolutely adore your black pom pom dress. And I love the way you've styled it. But of course you are a star. What a perfect depiction of summer. mmmmm ice cream.

    1. Connie,
      Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog.

    2. have been trying to leave a comment to no avail..hopefully this one will work.....your posts are so evocative and relatable in both their images and words, and yet also transporting...thank you!

    3. Marsha, I find if you try name/url rather than google, it works directly. If you sign in as google, it leads you in circles. Thank you for your lovely comments.

  2. And may I add..... both you and Richard added style to our Village Lane ! Great to have met you.

  3. Lovely! The first photo is just the best too.
    I think those paintings were made in your likeness. You must have been his muse somewhere in time.

  4. I'm enjoying reading everything about you and everything you write.

    1. Thank you ej. Your photos of the Bug Lighthouse Party were so splendid. I was thinking about it every minute and I wish I could have been there. I had an outfit -- in my head.