Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Saturday in September

Brunch at Les Enfants de Bohème
I know, I know. How long has it been since Lazy Girl got back from the country? Let's not go there, OK? I'm here now with a post on this fine, pre-autumn day, when the sun is shining, but it's a little windy, so you really do need a jacket. The air conditioning storage company called this morning to arrange a pick up, but I told him I'd be in touch.

So I had to go and buy a new mouse for my MAC. I did that this morning, but when I got home, I decided I felt like pancakes. So Richard and I walked a few blocks to our neighborhood, très cool cafe, Les Enfants de Bohème.
It seemed like a good day to wear my cotton
tunic from Croteaux Vineyard in Southold, and my très chic
canvas, hand-painted hat from Jacques Le Corre in Paris.
 Les Enfants de Bohème is a new cafe from
Stéfan Jonot, my neighbor in Seward Park.
Tucked in at the corner
of Jefferson and Henry Streets,
deep on the Lower East Side, it's well out
of the way of the Donut Plant hordes,
aka the tourists.
 Michelange and East
of Les Enfants de Bohème.
I just learned that there's a celebrity kid named
North West, daughter of Kanye West.
So I guess she is North by West.
 Beautiful murals from two Brooklyn artists.

 A window table
 A doggie lusting after some brunch bacon.
 A quiet vibe with John Coltrane playing.
 Street Seats, outside the cafe.
New York's Department of transportation carved out this
seating area for everyone to enjoy.
Brilliant idea, I think.
The kids at Seward Park love this fat chalk.
 This kid loves it too.
 The world is turn...
and I am dope.
Way home ... our library and Saturday farmer's market.
À Bientôt


  1. Looks like such a pleasant late morning. Now pancakes sound so good to me after reading this. I think I may make myself some, but I won't look near as dope while eating them. ;)
    p.s. your lipstick looks great! I must know your secret.....

    1. Joni,
      Lipstick Queen, Red Sinner or Wine Sinner
      It's kind of waxy, not slick.

    2. I just read Ari's post with photos of the two of you from your early years of dating, etc...What a wonderful post! Love the Avengers inspired photo especially.
      Can't wait to see your fabrics and dresses!

    3. Thanks so much. I working hard to learn Adobe Illustrator to create more designs.