Monday, October 5, 2015

When ribbons are like candy.

Sarah the Curatorial Assistant
My niece, Sarah, is in the second year of her MFA studies in textile design at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island.

This week I was delighted to receive some pictures from Sarah showing her hard at work as a Curatorial Assistant in the renown Costume and Textile department of the RISD museum. Of course being hard at work presupposes that you find working with beautiful clothes quite exhausting.
 Sarah adjusting the sleeve of a Balmain coat.

Sarah says that this coat is not the most
beautiful thing that she has seen in the
 Sarah also sent along these pictures
of trims and ribbons.
 She was treated to a viewing of the museum's entire
portfolio of  European embroidered pieces.
 They are mostly 17th century French.

Not exactly 17th century, but more like 1960s,
is this Dior gold velour hat that I came
across at Edith Machinist, a vintage
store in my neighborhood.
I love the way the ribbon pieces are over-stitched on the velour.
And don't you simply adore the way they exit in gay profusion 
the gold ribbon tied round the hat?
No, I did not buy it. Too small.
But I will steal the idea for one of my own hats!
 A beribboned bonnet from Austria, ca. 1841/48.

À Bientôt!


  1. The Dior hat is so YOU!!! I'd love to see your riff on the idea, equally fabulous. Judith looked amazing in her hat from you in a recent post. I trust you and Richard are well during this magical Fall season, my personal favorite. Sending much love. XXXOOO

    1. Hi Jean, so nice to hear from you. Yes, the hat idea is not in the idea drawer. We are enjoying some beautiful fall days. Love from us to you.

  2. How wonderful! How enviable! How breathtaking!

  3. How amazing!!!
    Dear Carol, I was more than delighted to meet you. It is as if I have known you all my life.
    We have just made it back home exhausted, as you can imagen
    I added your blog to my blogroll now so we are good