Friday, July 29, 2016

Lazy Girl Returns

For the Birdhouses...
and a Summer Soirée
Lazy girl has managed to rouse herself from her Victorian fainting couch. She and her significant otherness, Monsieur Richard, have decamped to the east end of Long Island and are now in residence in the village of Orient, New York.

As it happens each year, the Oysterponds Historical Society is having its summer benefit and auction on August 6. (Yes, Lazy Girl will cover it.) This year it's called The Summer Soirée. The invitation was designed by my sister, Jeanne Markel.
"Picking Strawberries at East Marion," c.1900

The OHS was created to preserve historical significance in Orient and East Marion. They maintain six historical sites in Orient and a large collection of objects and documents, which are exhibited in their Old Schoolhouse museum building. They also hold events and and learning programs for kids.

This year's auction's theme is birdhouses. When Orient resident, Elizabeth Gordon, was asked to create a birdhouse, she thought, "If I am going to create a birdhouse, I will want to wear it." Elizabeth was familiar with my millinery work, and she contacted me to help her realize her idea. She sent me a charming sketch of what she had in mind: a birdhouse perched on a fascinator in an orchard of cherry blossoms. 
Lovely Elizabeth wearing the birdhouse fascinator.
Here is her description.

"This whimsical headpiece was inspired by summer, 
the newly installed OHS Village House hat exhibition 
and Philip Treacy's work for Alexander McQueen."
 Birdhouses created by artists for the auction
are displayed in the Four & Twenty Blackbirds
Pie Shop.

Birdhouses in the pie shop.
 Birdhouse by Lars Westvind
"Painted in the style of the many murals I did
in the East Village in the mid 1980's."
 "Tweet Tweet" by Gulsen Calik
Collage deconstructed from a piano
exercise book.
 "Bird Boat House... because sometimes birds
need to rest on the sea."
 by EJ Camp,
photographer of celebrity portraits and
fine art landscape.
"Feather Your Nest" by Linda Fargo,
Director of Women's Fashion and Presentation,
Bergdorf Goodman department store, NYC
"It was fun while it lasted. Icarus"
by Linda Fargo
"Glass Shards" by Amy Worth
"Rust in Bloom" by Sarah Prescott

Birdhouse for an arty bird:
"Model for the Oysterponds Historical Society
Collections Storage Building"
by Richard Gluckman
Architect of internationally recognized
museums, galleries and residences.
Birdhouse Fascinator by Carol Markel
in collaboration with Elizabeth Gordon.
Mannequin by Carol Markel
The Actual Pies!
Toby Bannister, proprietor of
Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Orient.
Carol in the Pie Shop.
Richard in the mirror.
Lazy Girl bids you 
a sweet summer of Rose of Sharon, bikes,
birdhouses and pie.

À Bientôt!

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  1. Thank you, Carol for a FABULOUS post! Amazing birdhouses, Hope the auction is a sellout. xx