Thursday, August 16, 2018

Inside the Outside. David Markel in Southold

Inside the Red Barn:
The Eccentric Art of
David Markel
It's been a few years since I visited my brother, David Markel, at his barn in Southold, New York. Set amid vineyards and potato fields, David's barn, with it's car-stopping display of combines and assemblage sculptures set amid the surrounding fields, has been transformed into a live-work space.

David has taken a small section of his huge barn and made a comfortable studio and apartment.
 David at his table with a vase of sunflowers.
 On the etagere, David's small objects,
a vase of zinnias, a photo of our parents and a squash.
 Two of David's works.
He often uses found objects like this shaped piece
of wood, as painting surfaces.
 Two-faced Alien with No Arms.
 The opposite side of the Alien.
 A table with objects
 David's dog, Cookie, on a corner
of the couch. David got him at a yard sale.
 Creatures in a cityscape.
 A bust of a man wearing, what I believe, is our
father, Sam's, fez.
 Elvis and brushes.
 A view of the studio with David's painting table
which is also a work of art.
 The non-living space of the barn.
Our father, Sam, and David used to hold auctions on
this stage.

 A funny cabinet painted by David.
 Bye Dave. 

A Bientot!

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