Thursday, August 9, 2018

Lazy Girl Stays at a Hipster Lodge

A mountain lodge where dogs as
accessories are de rigueur.
If Brooklyn was in the Catskills, then ground zero for its hipsters would be the hotel where we stayed on our recent trip upstate. I am talking about Scribner's Catskill Lodge in Hunter, New York. A 1960s motor lodge, Scribner's was re-imagined by a Brooklyn-based firm, Studio Tack, as a hip, homey mountain retreat. It was also one of the only hotels in the area which had accessible rooms for Richard reachable by a simple lift, as was the dining room on the ground level.

We got there on a Sunday afternoon and waiting for us in our room were the fixins for s'mores and two granny smith apples. A s'more is a treat made with Graham crackers, a chocolate bar and marshmallows. Our queen-size room was fine, but as is common these days in minimalist hotels where the designer knows best, no tables or shelves for you clothes unless you count the top of the in-room fireplace. They did have a pipe with a few hangers for coats and things you needed to keep neat.
On the road to Scribner's, Richard's daughter, Dianna Cramer,
had scoped out a road named Cramer.
 Fortunately, our room was steps away from the Library,
 which is what they call the great room at Scribner's.
 Richard would say, "I am going to the living room now",
 and sit in his favorite armchair to watch the action.
The action included pool and board games.
 Mid-century modern and lots of wood contribute
to a warm environment. The fireplace would be welcome
in the winter skiing season when the Lodge is at its busiest.
 Books in the library have been displayed according to color.
 In the blue section, I found this fascinating volume.
It kept me occupied for hours.
A game of pool with Michael Miller, Richard's 
son-in-law. He was a patient teacher.
The night that we arrived, there was a private party
in the restaurant and no bar for lodge guests.
But you could buy a bottle of wine at the
front desk, which I did.
 After a swim in the pool, making
s'mores in the outdoor fireplace.
 Did I mention dogs?
Everyone had one.
 We had a delightful swim in the pool.
The majestic Catskill Mountains are in the distance.
 A beautiful dog reclines by the table 
where his tech-savvy master works on his laptop.
 The deck at dusk.
 The dark mountains provide an abstract foil to the spectacular sky.
 We had torrents of rain on the trip but the blue sky appeared
 as if on cue when we needed it.

Fires burning, fires burning,
draw nearer, draw nearer
in the gloaming, in the gloaming,
come sing and be merry.

Old Girl Scout Song

A Bientot!

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