Saturday, January 5, 2019

Christmas Party Chez Carol

A Tree Sparks a Party
For the first time in years I bought a tree and put it up for Christmas. The Soho Christmas Tree company was selling trees on my block of Grand Street in front of Saluggi's sports bar, and I passed the trees on my way to shop at the new Trader Joe's on the corner of Grand and Clinton. This Trader Joe's, by the way, is the largest one on the East Coast. Just shopping there is like having a spa treatment. They have polished cement floors and vast, wide aisles. In fact, they are not so much aisles as spaces. As is typical of Trader Joe stores, the clerks are super happy and helpful in a cult-like way. Just don't drink the free Kool Aid.

The tree sellers had cute, little trees, and one day I succumbed to a four-foot one which set me back $60. This price is reasonable compared to purchasing an 8-foot tree in a tony neighborhood of Manhattan, like Tribeca, where it will lighten your wallet by $500.

Decorating it was fun. I purchased tiny blinking lights and multi-colored balls at Target. Did I mention that we also have a new Target store across the street, next to the Trader Joe's? I adorned the tree with my jewelry, doll clothes and labels that I have saved from hats, among other things, like a plastic, red and yellow chair from a doll's house. Instead of tinsel, I draped the tree with gold and silver rick rack. It was quite charming, and I liked it.
Since I liked the tree so much I decided to have a party to show it off. 
Drawing by Carol.
Me and my sister, Jeanne.
Photo by Jack Wedge
 Party attendees (left to right)
my niece, Sarah, nephew, Jack, and Jeanne.
 Jack Wedge and Will Freudenheim.
Jack is a senior at New York University's
Tisch School of the Arts in the film program.
He and Will are collaborating on a movie for
which Will is composing the music.
 Jack and me. I am wearing a dress and beads of
my own design and an ornament with feathers
 from my friend, Nita.
 Me and Jack with Sarah's dog, Polly.
 My beautiful niece, Sarah, with Polly.

Happy New Year and
A Bientot!


  1. Would you share a photo of your tree? I'd love to see the inspiration.

  2. I wish I had taken a good photo. My badness. Sorry.