Thursday, October 3, 2013

MAD About Jewelry

Loot and Lunch
Yesterday, for the first time ever, (where have I been for the past 13 years?) I attended the annual LOOT exhibition and sale at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City. I didn't know what to expect when my friend Maryann invited me to LOOT. Perhaps it was a jumble sale of beads piled high like Filene's Basement? Would there be women tearing each other's hair out over bargain baubles? But when we stepped off the elevators on the second floor, we were greeted by rows of gleaming glass cases, behind which stood the actual creators of the wondrous pieces.
Dressed for LOOT and ready to hop the F train
in my Boden Bistro Crop pant
and necklace of my own design.
MAD spent a year searching for designers around the world.
50 artists from 20 countries are represented at the sale.
Christine J. Brandt, above left, was
born in Japan and raised in Europe and the U.S.
 Christine hand-carves her rings from exotic woods
and pairs them with semi-precious stones and
minerals used uncut, and as they are found in nature.
LOOT can wait...
first we lunched at Robert 
on the 9th floor of the Museum.
Maryann is a jewelry designer and
made the necklace and headpiece
that she is wearing.
 We admired these exotic leather cuffs by Fabien Ifirès
of France. He apprenticed in luxury saddlery and
handmade shoe-workshops, before creating
his own label.
I was attracted to the brilliant blue of these pieces 
by Yoko Shimizu, who lives in Italy.
 A little creepy, a little beautiful.
The work of Tzuri Gueta of France.
He invented  a technique called 
"lace filled with silicone."
 Marina Massone of Argentina.
The best part of LOOT was meeting the designers.
This charming lady is Begona Rentero from Spain. She makes necklaces from all kinds of fabrics and special paper, and I loved these paper flowers instantly. I purchased the red necklace directly in front of Begona. Sounds like a flower name -- Begonia!
Begona's work is full of fantasy and glamour. She believes that life is better with a "spoonful of sugar," a philosophy that I fully subscribe to. She uses natural dyes and creates her own palette of colors for her work.
 Begona's work incorporates my favorite elements:
 flowers, color, fantasy and fun.
A garden round my neck,
no weeding required.

You may learn more about her work here.

À Bientôt!


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