Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 7

I get a bike and a lady stops 
tree choppers.
It will be 88 in the city today and 81 out here in Orient. All right!! Let them suffer in the city, and it's about time.

Yesterday, my sister, Jeanne, lent me her bike. The joy begins. I LOVE bike riding in Orient.
It's a Loring Civia. 
"Comfort and refinement are a rare combination in cycling, but the Civia Loring is the perfect fusion of both. With an upright riding position and a bamboo-accented front rack, it’s a stylish, eco-friendly way to bring home dinner from the farmer’s market. The Loring features disc brakes and 8-speed internally geared hub, a front rack and optional bamboo fenders to match. For an enjoyable way to shrink your carbon footprint without sacrificing any style points, choose the Loring." The Loring Civia website.
 Photo by Jeanne Markel
A dandy bike in lime green.
What can I name it, any ideas?
How about Slimy Limey.

Tree Chopping on Village Lane
Causes Orient Woman to Speak
The Power Company is trimming trees along Village Lane so that the branches do not interfere with the power lines.  This process raises decibel levels considerably. Richard keeps asking me, "I wonder what they are doing down there." I reply, "Something that requires heavy machinery in a vain attempt to tame nature."
 Power Company employees amputate the limbs
of Village Lane trees with all the finesse of a Civil War surgeon.
This morning as I was walking down to the Country Store, Joan, the proprietress of The Orient Inn, pulled up in her car, jumped out (still dressed in her dish towel apron because she makes breakfast for her guests) and declared, "Who is in charge here? I'm the property owner."

Joan's hackles* had been raised because the Power Company was trimming a tree on her property, the building that houses the Orient Post Office and the Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie shop. The Power Company was trimming the large tree to the left of the building (shown above). Anyone can see that this tree is not touching any power lines.

Joan was told that the boss was not there, so she asked for the second person in charge. Various walkie-talkie communications were exchanged between the "powers" that be, and the Power Company stood down from Joan's tree.
This sad tree did not escape
the tree "surgeons".

*erectile hairs along the back of a dog or other animal that rise when it is angry or alarmed.

À Bientôt!

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