Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lazy Girl, Episode 10

Team MEL Tackles
Huge House Sale
Some of my readers may recall last summer's episode of Lazy Girl, where my brother Dave held a tag sale at the cute house with all the Scottie dog chatskas. Well this year, he's got a sale coming up at a big house in an area of Southold called Paradise Point. The name is not an hyperbole. The sale is at a 1912 mansion overlooking Peconic Bay on acres of manicured lawns shadowed by stately trees. The house just sold for $8 million and the new owners plan to tear it down.

Yesterday David assembled Team MEL (Markel Estate Liquidators) to assist with preparing for the sale, and your intrepid reporter was there to document the accumulated flotsam and jetsam of 30 years.

Sister Sue at Dave's barn.
She was in charge of the BALL OF STRING.
 The grand entrance to the house.
 Team MEL ready to go.
L-R. Sue, Dave, Fern, Rick, Andy and Allan.
Dave rallies the team.
 Front of house.
Richard, Mike, Dave and Richard.
View of back of house facing Peconic Bay.
 Italianate garden overlooking the bay.
 The $8 million view.

 Mr. Jockey Shorts
La Dolce Vita
Allan and Andy in the kitchen
start to sort and display the merch.
Dianna with a pretty vase
from Japan. 
A good piece.
 Dave prices to sell.
One of his sayings:
"You're in Yankee Stadium and I'm in Citi Field,
so we're in different ballparks."
Dishes and silk flowers.
In the dining room coming up with a price
for the dining set.
The china cabinet in the dining room.
A tea party set up for the grandchildren.
Hello, on a 1960's era phone.
 Dining Room
The booze.
The Barbra Streisand and James Brolin Bedroom.
 Clothes the owners left behind.
Corner vignette in a bedroom.
Another bedroom.
I believe there are six.
 The bathrooms are cool.

 Michael displays a grape tie and Dianna models
an exotic robe.
The tie was never worn.
I can see why.
 Old phone in bedroom.
The Beanie Baby collection.
 Jeanne in the secret stairway.
She likes secret stairways.
 Selfie in the china closet.
Chatska Nook.

À Bientôt
to Paradise.


  1. Judith - in OntarioAugust 13, 2014 at 12:41 PM

    You forget to document the Linen Closet

  2. What a sad commentary on our culture that someone would buy such a beautiful and stately house only to tear it down.

  3. I enjoyed reading this but I wish I'd never laid eyes on it/this beautiful house. I cannot believe that someone could be so uninterested in the past and the way things were made to last that they would tear this down to put something probably more garish, ordinary, and less well made (with substandard materials, no matter how high the cost). It breaks my heart. I wouldn't change a thing except for some paint colors....