Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 9

What are friends for?
Do you think that you can live without friends? That weeks, months and years go by, without seeing old friends, and you forget how wonderful it can be to laugh together, get silly together, drink rosé in the afternoon sunlight, swim at the beach, picnic in a grove, make wonderful food together, talk, commiserate, explore and just connect.

Two of my dearest friends visited me and Richard this past weekend in Orient. Actually, these friends go back over 50 years to when we were classmates at Elmira College. Tobi and Hermione came for the weekend. And boy did we have fun.

As I sit outside on my patio this evening at 5 p.m., there's a gentle breeze, it's 82 degrees and so quiet you can hear a fly buzz. Earlier, as I came out with an armful of sheets to hang on the line, I scared two deer in the woods behind our house and they leaped away.

Last night, Tobi, Hermione, Richard and I took the ferry to Shelter Island to dine at La Maison Blanche. To my surprise, their restaurant was now Japanese and Thai. We had an excellent dinner.
Richard and I at La Maison Blanche.
Richard is wearing his Saint  Laurie outfit and
I am wearing a new tunic from the Croteaux
Vineyard in Southold.
We stopped at the Croteaux Vineyard to sample
their rosé.
 It's all very south of France.
 The bar at Croteaux.
Tables with the vineyard beyond.
 The enclosed seating area.
A wall of bottles.
 The server.
A big draw at Croteaux, the open-air boutique.
 Great caftans, tunics and scarves.

Deciding on a purchase
 My loot. Richard picked out the
tunic for me.
My friend, Dolores (Tobi) Barclay
 After the vineyard we stopped at the
Surrey Lane Farm stand.
I bought the Marigolds.
 We all went crazy buying gladiolas and bread and butter pickles,
tomatoes and berries.
 Carol with fleurs.
We met this amazing lady at La Maison Blanche,
and I could not resist a picture, she wearing
spangles, rings and bangles.
She was celebrating her birthday with her family.

À Bientôt


  1. Time spent with friends is priceless! You and Richard are radiant in these photos. You in your gorgeous new tunic and Richard in his colorful and classy duds!