Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In the Heights with Cinderella

When you wish upon a Star....
This week it was off to the boroughs. Brooklyn to be precise. I love exploring the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. My grandmother, Sara, owned a building in Flatbush, and we used to go there for Thanksgiving dinner. I remember climbing the stairs to her apartment and smelling the fragrant turkey and the world's best stuffing.

I went to Brooklyn Heights to meet Elke. We were to take in a movie, Cinderella, and have lunch.
Cinderella is a gorgeous fairy-tale production by Disney, directed by Kenneth Branagh. It stars Lily James (Rose in Downton Abbey) as Cinderella, who suits the role perfectly. Yes, she is beautiful, but she also has a soft, delicate quality which meshes with her character who must be brave and kind, no matter what.

The No Matter What is her cruel stepmother, played by Cate Blanchett, and her two stupid stepsisters. Drisella, and Anastasia. Sophie McShera (Daisy, the kitchen maid on Downton Abbey) plays Drisella. There was indeed a vortex from DA to Disney.
It's Joan Crawford's 1940s style for Step Ma-Ma.
The Stepsisters' costumes are a crazy
mash up of vintage, historic and Japanese teenage fashion.
The colors are intense.
Kudos to Sandy Powell, costume designer for the film.
Stepsisters and cruel ma-ma
from original 1950 Disney movie.
 Prince Kit is so princely and handsome.
 Helena Bonham Carter is a perfectly dotty 
Fairy God Mother.
A step sister trying on the glass slipper.
I told you the color was fantastic.

I was six when I saw the original Disney animated version of Cinderella. I still remember the scene when the Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella's rags into a fabulous ball gown, and blue birds pull ribbons out of an old sewing box to adorn the new gown.

 I shared this day with friend, Elke, 
wearing Cinderella blue in front of
Seaport Flowers.
 We strolled through Brooklyn Heights
looking at the great architecture,
like these Brownstones.
 An elegant colonnaded building.
 The charming jewelry studio of
Marissa Alperin.
 Pistachio, chocolate and raspberry pastry
disguised as a house.
 Pansies ready for planting.
The Little Lost Mittens
of Brooklyn Heights.

I bid you...
À Bientôt!

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