Friday, April 3, 2015

Sue's Stupendous Artist Meetup

Like-minded Spirits Meld
Minds at Sue's Open Studio
Put together a group of artists who think more is never enough, led by the Queen of More, Sue Kreitzman, and what do you get? An afternoon supplying enough inspiration guaranteed to last months, if not years.

Sue Kreitzman divides her time between two cities: London and New York. She has just arrived in New York, and hosted an Open Studio in her way-uptown aerie, which included the charming idea of each invited artist doing a "Show & Tell."
I am ready to take the A train to Sue's studio
wearing a Madame Matovu dress.
 Sue with a gift from me.
It's an Easter Egg from DiPalo's decorated
with a Barbie doll and images of Sue.
Sue made the fantastic necklace that she is wearing.
 Jeweler, Wendy Gell, models examples of
the cuffs that she makes.
 Erica Savage and tattoos.
 Wendy and I in Sue's studio
jam packed with her
paintings and sculptures.
 Debra Rapoport poses next to
her doppleganger by Sue.
 Doll goddesses by Sue.
 Anothai Hanson with a necklace
of her own design.
 Michah Moore with her friend,
Ms. Mer-Maid.
Michah is a photographers and lover
of all things Mermaid.
 A corner of Sue's studio displays
her work.
Sue's fantastic dolls.
Ari Seth Cohen, photographer and blogger at Advanced Style
and creator of the book, Advanced Style with
his friend, Joanna Lily Wong.
 Sue's anthropomorphic red chairs.
Renown outsider artist,
Malcah Zeldis
 Joseph Gagiano with
his Lolly Pop girls.
 Quimetta Perle holds a bead
portrait of her son.
 Erica with her mermaid painting.
 Archana Santra shows us one of
her paintings.
After such an afternoon, who could blame
a couple of girls for being pooped as we schlep
back to Manhattan.

Photo by Ari Seth Cohen

À Bientôt!


  1. Well, you both look lovely even though pooped! I'd have been so energized by such a day around so much inspiration. It looks like a candy store for artists! I've always worked in hand-lettering and pen and ink illustration and for some reason color has always been a challenge for me. It's so refreshing being around bold colors and strong graphics.

  2. What a wonderful day out! I hopped over from Sue's facebook and I'm so glad I did! Your dress is beautiful and Sue's flat and studio are so fascinating I could stare for hours. I love the idea of a show and tell; I often do them with artist friends here in Cornwall and it's such an inspiring experience. Very glad to find your blog. Lally

    1. Hi Lally,
      It was a great day. You could spend a week in the studio and flat and not see everything. Hope all is well in Cornwall.

  3. Hey fabulous lady, we met yesterday and I featured you today on my blog! Check out

    1. Hi Ruthie, darling....
      Yes, I looked at your blog. Looks good.

    2. Hi Ruthie, darling....
      Yes, I looked at your blog. Looks good.

  4. Great photos!! You all look fabulous, colorful and full of life and energy.

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