Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In Your Easter Bonnet...

I got frills upon it...
My friends, the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, Valerie and Jean, called last week to invite me to participate in a photo shoot for the New York Post. "Moi?," I said. Bien sûr. Explanation mark, explanation mark, explanation mark!!!

Jane Ridley, Senior Features Writer for the Post, was preparing an article about New York's Fifth Avenue Easter Parade. She asked for color, and I can do color.

Joining Valerie, Jean and me for the shoot were Lynn Dell Cohen, Xtine Baczewska and Cigmond Meachen. We started at The Modern, the beautiful restaurant overlooking The Museum of Modern Art's sculpture garden. Soon we moved on to St. Patrick's Cathedral for more photos.
Photo by Zandy Mangold for The New York Post
What I am wearing.
The hat: A fine brown straw by Quina Fonseca purchased at The Smiths, a shop in Soho, sometime in the 1980s. For this photo shoot, I trimmed the hat with artificial flowers purchased at a little Chinese shop at Ludow and Delancey streets. Each bunch of flowers cost 99 cents.
The Coat: A multi-striped wool by the brilliant colorist and designer, Alpana Bawa.
The Bag: A handmade straw from Italy, purchased at Adresse, a shop in Philadelphia. I also put bunches of the flowers in the bag.
Standing across the street from the Cathedral are (left to right)
Cigmond, Xtine, Lynn, Valerie, me and Jean.
Photo by Zandy Mangold for the New York Post
At The Modern:
L-R, Valerie, Xtine, Jean, Lynn, me and Cigmond.
Jean and Lynn. Lynn is the owner of the
famed Off Broadway Boutique.
The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas:
Valerie and Jean.
Lynn's outfit is from her shop,
Off Broadway Boutique.
I look like Eliza Doolittle at
Covent Garden.
"Ooo 'enry 'iggins."
The Parade Itself...
On Easter Sunday we reconvened, among a sea of tourists, for an endless routine of selfies with said tourists. There were people wearing huge platters of eggs and flowers on their heads, and many scenes of millinery carnage on the Avenue.
L-R: Valerie, Debra Rapoport, me and Jean.

Photo by Ari Seth Cohen

À Bientôt!


  1. Thank You for sharing I really enjoyed this...! Beautiful ladies color...!

  2. Glorious fun! I can just imagine the chatter and laughs. Your Alpana Bawa jacket is beautiful and looks like it was made just for you.

  3. Color at its best!
    What an invitation to Spring!

  4. You are all amazing and beautiful in every way. Every photo fills me with a sense of wonder. Carol, your creativity shines!

  5. I was just at a conference with Jean last month. I never spoke to her, but I wanted to be half as awesome as she is. You ladies are fabulous.