Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lazy Girl, Episode 3, Season 2: Bay Street Theater

Dinner and a Musical 
We have guests this week. Richard's daughter, Dianna, son, Richard, and Dianna's husband, Michael. So special plans had to be made for merry making and fun. This is Richard's birthday week: he will be 83 on August 14.

David mentioned that the musical, "Grey Gardens," was at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor, so I got tickets which included a pre-theater "picnic" dinner supplied by Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton. Sag Harbor is an old whaling village on the south shore of Long Island, so this trip would require two ferry rides across Peconic Bay. The first, the North Ferry, goes from Greenport to Shelter Island, and the second, the South Ferry, goes from Shelter Island to Sag Harbor.
Last car on the South Ferry as
we steam toward Sag Harbor.
 The set for "Grey Gardens,"
the story of Big Edie and Little Edie Beale,
two eccentric women living in a
rambling, run-down
 house in East Hampton.
Rachel York and Betty Buckley starred
in the show.
When we got to the theater, I saw Christine Ebersole
 in the lobby. She had attended the matinee.
Christine starred in the Broadway production
of Grey Gardens.
Although I spoke to her, I did not get her picture.
My bad as a blogger/journalist.
She looked fantastic in a long white dress
with her terrific blond hair.
 I mentioned that our tickets included dinner.
Our table, set up in the lobby.
We each got a Bay Street Theater cap.
Our dinner.
Tuna sandwiches and sweet potato chips.
Dinner also included one drink from the bar.
The Cramer-Markel Crew.
Richard, me, Michael, Dianna and Richard.
Photo by Samantha Young, Senior Marketing Coordinator
for Bay Street Theater.
 A delicious cake for dessert.
Cocktails. The 5:15 derives
from a song in the score.
It's the 5:15 train from New York which
should be bringing Mr. Beale home.
 Candice Odell, House Manager
 (in a great floral print shift) and
Topher Williamson, Senior Intern
 The lobby scene waiting for the show to begin.
 The Bay Street Theater was founded in1991.
Over the years it has produced works by prominent writers
and attracted stellar actors.
The Hamptons are awash in well-known
cultural glitterati.

Intermission for Grey Gardens.

Lazy Girl will bring you
more from Sag Harbor...soon!
À Bientôt!


  1. I always love how Richard wears bright color. You both inspire me to wear more color. In fact, I put on a bright teal top today and thought of one of your hats. ;)