Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lazy Girl, Episode 4, Season 2: Sag Harbor

The Shopping is Always Better
on the South Fork
Ostensibly, we were going to Sag Harbor for dinner and a musical. But I always have a hidden agenda, and that agenda usually involves shopping. So I was delighted to find myself in French caftan central -- Sag Harbor, a bonafide style destination of Hampton-like quality, even though the town likes to call itself the "Un-Hamptons".

This means there will be fat pickings for summer frocks, sarongs from the Riviera, eclectic jewelry, white straw Fedoras (and no, I do not need another one) all at nice, fat prices. Expect your wallet to get nicked, albeit not fatally wounded if you are careful and avoid the boutiques like Marie Eiffel which have their obvious Frenchified pretensions.

But I get ahead of myself. Early for our show, our gang first stopped at the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum which was built in 1845 as the home of Benjamin Huntting II, an owner of whaling ships.
I am framed in the entrance by two
gigantic whale molars. 
Richard Conrad Cramer, Richard Charles Cramer,
random statue, Dianna Cramer and Michael Miller
The Whaling Museum had a whale of good
show of paintings too. Here is an Alfonso Ossorio assemblage, 1960. 
Ossorio worked in the 30's and 40's
inspired by the Surrealists, and in the 50's in the
circle of the abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock.
In 1960 he started to create assemblages of found materials.
He called these works "Congregations".
You never know where you will find inspiration, even in a
whaling museum.
Dianna and I in an Ossirio Reverie.
The Whaling Museum has a unique collection
of oddities. Their handmade labels
look like they were scratched out with
a croquil pen by an old baleen hunter.
 You can see the long distance we
travelled from Orient to Sag Harbor.
Imagine a hold full of starving sea turtles.
The Main Street of Sag Harbor has this
great old theater.
 I came across a shop called Matta.
I admired these scarves edged in pom-poms.
This bag was a stunner.
Matta products are crafted by skilled artisans.
There's a mini branch in ABC Home and Carpet in NYC.
An unusual beaded necklace.
I bought this dress at Matta.
I love the pom-pom trim.

À Bientôt!


  1. I love that dress; "adorbs" as the young folks say". : )

  2. Pom poms are always a good idea.