Monday, August 3, 2015

Lazy Girl, Season 2, Episode 1: OHS Benefit

Orient on a Perfect
Summer Night
Here we are. In the perfect Summer village on a perfect Summer day on the perfect East End of Long Island. Saturday we packed our bags, called Future Cab (our new go-to long-distance hauler) and drove to Riverhead and the Hertz rental office in the Indigo Hotel. We picked up our Toyota Camry and we were off on Route 25, past the familiar vineyards, farmstands and charming houses.

Lazy Girl was driving. She's a good driver on the two lane roads, considering that she only drives once a year. Richard acted as extra eyes and ears. I (that's me, Lazy Girl) do tend to go through stop signs.
Teen Lazy Girl,
on her Grandma Kate's porch in
Tonawanda, New York

When we arrived at our rental house, the same one that we had last year, we had hardly a moment to unpack because we were going to a party which started at 5. It was the annual Oysterponds Historical Society Summer Benefit, held in the delightful Poquatuck Park with its backdrop of ample green laws and views to Peconic Bay.
 Richard gets a ride from Dick Gillooly.
 Richard scores a prime table,
yummy nibbles and a Pinot Noir.
 The raw bar.
My outfit for the evening:
a fedora of my own design and
a favorite Tucker blouse.
 The Benefit affords the opportunity to
stock up on some local art works at
the silent auction.
Lazy Girl with Doug Gray in his
Ex Officio safari shirt.
Jeanne Markel in Marni
with Tom Morgan
 The Style Pages:
On the OHS Benefit radar, 
Greenish, yellowish tropical prints.
Here, guest and Sylvia Newman, on right.
 De rigueur for Summer party goers and
Cambridge scullers,
a boater, a bowtie and seersucker.
The inside of that old-school boater.
The boater wearer's lovely
companion. Her straw chapeau
sport a red, white and blue grosgrain ribbon too.
Charles in a bold plaid shirt.
Dogs are the go-to accessory.
 Children's clothing designer,
Carolina Zapf of Baby CZ.
A simple but elegant story in white and green.
 Keri Christ wears a charming
straw which she found in Switzerland.
 There's that big, tropical print again.
Karen Braziller and partner.
Orange bike from Brooklyn Bikes
for the Live Auction.
Artists adorned them with original work.
Music on a Summer eve.
Leslie Koch, president of The Trust for Governor's Island
and Doug Gray.
Accessory canine with red espadrilles.
 Burke and Fran Liebert with friends.
 Sally Henry in an orange maxi shift 
and a gent in big, green leaves.
 Libby Potter in a painterly print.
 Photographer E.J. Camp
 The Lovely Latham Girls, Mary (Left) and Emily.
 Nina Caufield.
Rochelle and Paul
 Nathalie Strauel and her sister.
I love the Poiret-like folkloric design on Nathalie's dress.
 Katherine and Laura 
 Musician Howard Leshaw and Flower.
 Little party goer in blue gingham.
Jeanne Markel and Rachel Duell.

Join us soon for more
Lazy Girl adventures.

À Bientôt!

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  1. Lazy Girl Now has barely changed at all from Lazy Girl Then, which is a very good thing indeed!