Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 4

David's Sculpture Garden
My brother David is a talented guy. He's an actor, singer and director. He also paints. And he make found-object sculptures. One of my first stops on the North Fork was his barn on Horton's Lane in Southold. The barn itself is chocked full of furniture, antiques, paintings, bric a brac and what-have- you. People love to stop by and walk through. Looking at all the stuff can produce a trance-like state.

But it's outside, in the fields next to the barn, where one can wander among David's unique, found-object sculptures and truly become mesmerized.
David and one of his works.
The rusted aesthetic meshes with
the scruffy nature of the fields,
filled with weeds and stones.
 There is a desultory effect to the decor.
 "Cat on a Pedestal"
Found-object cat on logs surrounded by a
stone garden and Queen Anne's Lace.
 Front view of "Cat on a Pedestal" with
other small sculptures in the foreground.
 "Cat on a Pedestal" has a voodoo quality.
 "Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man"
 David did this sculpture in collaboration with his nephew,
Jack Wedge.
Tin Man looks out across the neighboring potato fields.
 A view of the park in its entirety.

 David's business affords him ample raw material 
to create his sculptures.
 "Double Faucet"
 "UFO Signal Receiver"
David told me that he has not as yet received
any signals.
"UFO Signal Receiver" detail.
The skies are very clear over Southold, so David
could get a message at any time now.

A concrete cylinder hangs from a
work to balance it.

 Believe it or not, this ball was a wedding gift to
Ibrahim and Eileen.
The fact that David has it now, does not
bode well for the marriage.
Guess it was the proverbial ball and chain.

Resource material awaiting inclusion
in a work of art.
 Wild raspberries in David's field.
The Landing.
Markel Estate Liquidators (MEL)

If you got an antique that you want to sell,
Just call MEL...

And don't miss --
David's Sculpture Garden!

À Bientôt!

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