Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lazy Girl Blog, Episode 5

 Inspiration Monet
Today we drove to Southold in search of a good restaurant for lunch. We passed Port of Egypt, which is a marina and also has a few restaurants and motels. We decided to stop at Allure, and found a table on the outside deck overlooking the water and boats.
I am wearing my hat from Rite Aid, vintage
green beads and vintage wood bracelet
which belonged to Richard's mother, Mildred.
It was a delightful al fresco lunch, a highlight of which was a watermelon, corn and feta salad. When we returned home, I continued to read and look at a fabulous book that I found in my landlady's library: Monet's Table - The Cooking Journals of Claude Monet.
The dining room at Giverny, Monet's home.
I love the yellow and blue motif.
The sun porch in our house was the ideal place to recline on the white wicker sofa and look at this book while dreaming of the beautiful food prepared in Monet's house. The farms and flowers of the North Fork offer a similar experience, but I will probably not tackle the recipes in the book although I may try Chicken in White Wine Sauce (Poulet à la périgourdine). It's simple enough.
 Flowers and zucchini at an Orient farm stand.

 Monet's tea table.
The Monet family loved to eat outside in fair weather.
 An Orient garden.

 Banana Ice Cream
La glace à la banane
This ice cream was served after the huge Christmas lunch.
It is turned out in a napkin on a serving plate.
 My favorite from the book --
Green Cake or
Vert-vert (green-green)
The two greens are spinach coloring for the fondant frosting
and pistachios for the cream filling.
Wild Sweet Pea on an Orient roadside.
I love the combination of green cake and pink flowers.
 A page from Monet's recipe journals.
Monet's decor would today be called "style".
A butterfly bush on an Orient farm.

If you want to make the Vert-vert cake,
I will send you the recipe.
(But you have to save me a piece.)

À Bientot!


  1. Inspiring, definitely. I feel the seduction of eating the exotic green cake certainly, but not making the cake.

    Martha in Kentucky

    1. We can make a virtual cake. Virtual dessert is the best. It does not put one ounce on.

  2. Judith - in OntarioAugust 1, 2014 at 2:13 PM

    Great gnashing of teeth here. I had a copy of the Monet book for several years. In a fit of paring down my book collection - prior to a house move - I sent it to our local charity bookshop.

  3. Well at least someone else got to enjoy it!

  4. The photos of the Monet book were wonderful to see--thanks
    for the peek at it and all the summery colors!
    Elizabeth from New Jersey

  5. The green cake is gorgeous! Did you make it? I think I would like to try!