Sunday, July 13, 2014

Les Parapluies de Chinatown

I Live in Chinatown
(and they use parasols for the sun)
I live on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, but Chinatown has encroached to the East, now virtually encompassing my neighborhood. On hot summer days, the ladies of Chinatown, and some men, open their parasols against the sun.

 La Femme Chic
Je rêve de Paris.
The next time that I go to Paris, I would
like to visit Heurtault, a shop that makes custom
parapluies and ombrelles.
You may see his work here.

À Bientôt!


  1. I really, really want to start doing this. In my neighborhood, they will look at me like I'm a nut. I don't care about that anymore. Thank you, Femme. Beautiful photos.

    1. I saw a great Madeline Weinrib umbrella yesterday at ABC Carpet and Home. It's also at the Neue Gallerie:

  2. That was so interesting to see that neighborhood in NYC! It's like going on a fun "mini"tour with you, Femme! The link to Heurtault had umbrellas
    that were real works of art--they were beautiful.