Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Short and Sweet

We're into Color
This post will be short and sweet. Short, because I have to pack for our month in the country -- back to Orient, New York. We have rented a house for August in a village so charming it should be illegal and will be leaving this Thursday.

I will be posting from Orient, as I did last year. Some of you readers may remember the infamous silverware drawer post where I told of having to organize the knives and forks in our rental before I could relax with a good chardonnay. I did not realize that my landlord was actually reading my posts. She was very apologetic about the whole affair though. So kind of her.

This year, I do not intend to reorganize any silverware drawers. The linen closet -- well that could be another story.

I will share with you now some recent sartorial acquisitions for both the mister and me. And please look for my frequent posts from Orient, Long Island, New York.

 Richard and I at Madame Matouvu's vintage
shop in the West Village.
I am wearing one of her "scarf" dresses
which she designs using vintage scarves.
She is most adept at combing the colors and patterns.
 Richard with Rosemary Wettenhall (Madame) and
Nadia. Richard is wearing his new Italian-cotton
green jacket and yellow trousers from St. Laurie,
Merchant Tailors.
 At our favorite West Village haunt, Le Gigot.
This is a splendid shot of Ricardo in his new duds.

See you in Orient!
Happy Summer.


  1. Yes, that is a splendid shot of Richard in the doorway in his new suit. You two are so lifestyle inspiring, truly.
    Can't wait to see the vacation pics. Linen closet and all!
    Tip: don't look in there until after you've had your wine.

  2. Have a great time in the country of Long Island--I hope you both
    have sunny days and lots of pleasant "countrified"activities!