Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lazy Girl Blog, Post Two, 2014

Barn Style, Vineyard Style
and Vintage Style
I apologize, I did not do a post yesterday as promised. But we were very busy buzzing around Southold and Greenport all day. Our first stop was my brother, David's, barn on Hortons Lane. We were lucky to find him playing chess with a friend. David is organizing the barn so that all the interesting things he has collected over time from his estate-sale business are well displayed and accessible to visitors. I found a few things that I liked which David graciously gave to me.
 A tiny toy baby carriage made
out of metal.
A 1920s Art Deco
painting on leather.
A 1950s Mad Man style Dobbs Fedora
made of "Hankachif" (not a spelling error) felt.
I will have it cleaned and blocked for Richard.
After the barn, we drove to
Croteaux Vineyards in Southold

Croteaux is the only vineyard in the United States 
dedicated exclusively to Rosé.
I had seen their beautiful bottles at Noah's Restaurant in

And of course, since we have visited Provence
and had marvelous Rosés there, I wanted to taste the Croteaux
Vineyard's wine.

I bought two bottles of their 2013 
Merlot Rosé.

It's an extremely charming place, with a tasting
garden and a boutique with French-themed beach clothes.
I wish I could have shown you some pictures,
but the owner would not me allow to take any.

Then it was back to Greenport for a visit
to Times Vintage...
 Times Vintage is housed in the 1886
Suffolk Times newspaper building.

Elizabeth, the shop's owner.

 Love hat boxes...
 A cute child's suitcase.
In the garden of Times Vintage
ready for Ascot.

Important announcement:
Coming soon...
David's sculpture garden.

À Bientôt!

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  1. When I saw the cool art deco painting on the leather it really reminded me of you. Thanks for sharing your trip!